Certification types in the UK
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Certification types in the UK

A company that is offering maintenance services in the UK must have the proper certifications. Below describes each one and what each certification means. Companies must adhere to such policies, otherwise they are not reputable and would not be considered as a trusted source. These certification types are mandatory for that reason. If they were not, perhaps the industry would not be as regulated.

These regulations show that the business is completely certified. They must all be accredited.

This is to ensure quality of services in all aspects. The equipment and facilities used, training implemented, as well as the people themselves.

Iso 9001

An acknowledgement of a company that adheres to all environmental concerns, and does so all the time.

This certification shows the business is also an accredited contractor that complies with every aspect of the health and safety process and standards in its organization.

OHSAS 18001
An accreditation that shows a business is following proper health and safety standards in the workplace.

OHSAS 18001

This is an assurance that these health and safety procedures that the business has implemented are regulated.

Although OHSAS, CHAS and SSIP may at first appear similar, but they are different in that OHAS 18001 follows health and safety; CHAS is confirming they are an accredited contractor that does so and, SSIP shows the procedures that are put to use are in fact, regulated.

Standards that a company follows should be straight forward. Simply put, a maintenance company should have all of these certifications in order to be considered reputable. At the end of the day it is about quality of service, being environmentally friendly and adhering to any and all health and safety procedures and rules.

These are standards that all businesses should follow in all areas of the UK.

DISCLAIMER: All information believed to be correct as of 21st February 2016 and is subject to change, please consult your own legal council for more information, NLSFM do not resume responsibility for how you apply this information.
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