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Cladding Cleaning and Regular Grounds Maintenance

Cladding on buildings has many uses. It can create visual interest, help to insulate a structure, and protect it from the elements. Depending on the purpose, many materials are available. Wood is popular for residential applications. Concrete and metal are more commonly found in an industrial setting.

Metal cladding is especially useful for businesses. It provides a clean, modern look for the building. Metal is also non-porous. This means that water rolls off the surface, instead of soaking in. Depending on the exact material used, under normal conditions this cladding can last 100 years or more. Popular metals used as cladding are stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, and zinc.

Cladding Cleaning Grounds Maintenance Peterborough

Yet, if the cladding is not taken care of, even tough materials like stainless steel can be compromised by corrosion. A key part of the grounds maintenance for any business should be cleaning any cladding on the building. There are several considerations when selecting a cladding cleaning provider.

Many cladding cleaning services use harsh chemicals to remove dirt and other buildups. While this is effective, the chemicals needed can become quite expensive. These chemicals also run down the building being cleaned and can either pool nearby or run into the local water supply. They can even pose a health risk to the person using the chemicals. To avoid these environmental concerns, some services have started using pure water cleaning systems.

Pure water cleaning means that the water has passed through several stages of filtration. Instead of tap water, which can contain things like chlorine and lead, pure water leaves behind no residue.

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This clean water is pressurized and sprayed out at a high speed and temperature, which strips the cladding of grime. In a short period of time, a cladding cleaning service can help a building look newer and more attractive to visitors.

The same types of equipment used to clean windows are also used to clean cladding. Because of this, many window cleaning companies also offer cladding restoration and cleaning. A great window cleaning innovation is the water-fed pole, which allows a long rod to extend up to 40 feet.

This pole carries the pressurized water high enough to clean hard to reach areas. This means a safer job for the cleaning team, and it also saves time raising and lowering a platform for people to stand on.

Cladding Cleaning Grounds Maintenance Northampton

Modern pure water cladding cleaning is convenient, effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. Because the pressurized cleaning technique is so effective, little water is used. Cleaning trucks for many companies are loaded with all the water needed to complete the job. There is no need to worry about a larger water bill on top of the cleaning expense.Pricing for cladding cleaning services varies by provider. Some use newer equipment.

Some do not include water in their price. Some do not use water-fed poles. While the price tag may seem high, the cost of ignoring cladding can be even higher. Replacement of cladding carries a significant cost. It is also preventable with regular maintenance, so it is important to protect what is already installed.
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