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Drainage Maintenance

Nothing can damage the integrity of a business worse than bad drainage maintenance. Bad drainage maintenance can lead to an array of problems, both financial and environmental; estates can be fully flooded leading to water damage, wildlife can be completely run out of their natural habitats, and even cause issues compliant by the government. When it comes down to it, bad drainage maintenance is an issue that can easily soak in and cause more damage than it is worth. With high cost fines that will exceed the cost of annual and bi annual drainage maintenance.


While the benefits of protecting the ecosystem, wildlife, and your property should be high enough to warrant caring about proper plumbing and drainage maintenance, keeping your drains unclogged and making sure your pipes flow efficiently will lead to a positive public perception of your business. Your drains are connected, both internal and external. Any damage you have inside will flow outside. If your drains are damaged inside, it could lead to front sprinklers spraying out messy, muddled water, but if your drains are unclogged and maintained, there will be no need for concern by anyone.

One of the most common factors in drain damage is food. Hard food thrown down the drain can get stuck, and prevent the flow of water or, worse, damage it entirely leading to the aforementioned flooding. Other key factors that cause poorly maintained estate drainage systems are debris (leafs) from poorly maintained grounds services. Illegal disposal of Oils & Greases from such establishments as restaurants, and ore auto mechanic garages.


The bathroom is a common place for draining damage to occur as well. If you have ever had a toilet then you have most certainly clogged it at one point. At home, it isn?t as big an issue, but when owning a business, a clogged toilet can spell disaster. Needing to close a bathroom can lead to unruly employees, dissatisfied customers, and a highly negative public perception. Bathroom drains are very narrow, so large lumps of toilet paper can destroy your pipes fully leading to extensive repairs. Even objects as small as Q-tips and dental floss can lead to drain damage. Keep a small trash bin next to every toilet and in every bathroom so bathroom related drain damage can be avoided more easily.


Ensuring that you have a competent company in charge of maintain the drainage system on your site or estates is critical. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annual drainage maintenance can prevent your estate from occurring unpleasant and unexpected costs. These costs can eat into already tight budgets, and cause hardship for your financial planning and tenants alike.

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