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Security Services

You have a beautiful estate and of course you want the best to protect it and the solution to the best way to protect your assets is security. There are many forms of security and when used in conjunction with security guards, they will give you peace of mind.


The first step is to ensure that you have access control in place, and this falls right into place with the development of facilities management to control the process of tasks and schedules. With the deployment you will know who is coming and going by utilizing guest management components that can translate into reports at a moment’s notice.


Intruder alarms, in line with security services can make the difference in raising any issues to employees and security personnel alike. 

Screening closed circuit TV monitors areas decided by the customer and the installer and can often record certain areas for specified times.

A security guard is that which binds all the rest together. A security guard would observe and report to local law enforcement anything out of the ordinary in order to either stop a crime in progress or to solve one that has been committed while providing that security of knowing that its a deterrent for anyone entertaining the idea of carrying out illegal activities on your estate.


Security guards as part of the service patrol key areas, monitor closed circuit television, check alarms, check doors and windows and locks on each.


They can also, on request, manage the facility and all who have access to the facility. They are responsible for making out daily logs by times so that all times are covered within a 24-hour period.


Security guards can also be responsible for maintaining the peace during parties or events, there really is no limited to what roles they can adapt to within their role. They have a wide scope of responsibilities, but their number one responsibility is to observe and report.

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