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Sign Maintenance 

Signage is the first impression anyone entering a premise has, it represents the brand. This is not only cosmetic but must be maintained for health and safety purposes. It is often used to describe a business and a method used to offer familiarity and as an attraction point for consumers. Not only is having captivating signage important it is essential to maintain signage to keep it looking its best, also for health and safety purposes.


Businesses must consider those around them, if the general appearance of the business looks bad, neighbours can complain. It generally does not set a good example.

The forefront of sign maintenance should always be health and safety it is important to take the time and ensure that your signage is working properly. 


There are a number of common factors to consider when maintaining your signage. Firstly the appearance, making sure that there is no peeling or visible weathering to the face of the sign.


Secondly, lighting should always be checked, dim lighting or bulbs at the end of their lifecycle can look unkept and off-putting to a client. 


Signage is a big investment for any company and should not be neglected. NLS FM Services Ltd offer a range of services to meet your signage needs from installation to repairs and conversions. 

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