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Winter Grounds Maintenance

The winter months can be a challenging time for a business to maintain the grounds works of their commercial premises, this said, winter ground works are crucial in order to maintain the site and prepare for the spring season. Freezing temperatures, rain, ice and snow all contribute to the difficulties some companies may face. This article lays out some of the best ways to ensure the efficiency of maintaining grounds works throughout the winter.


Shrub, plant, and tree management

Winter is the best season in which substantial pruning should be complete. As most plants lay dormant in the winter months, pruning them will encourage them to grow stronger, also this will help stunt the development of any disease taking hold. Ensuring that shrubs and plants are preserved in winter will promote healthy stronger plants come the springtime. This adds to the cosmetic look of any business premises and encourages visitors and potential tenants.

Leaves and Debris

As the trees lose their leaves in the winter months it is essential for lawn health that this is kept on top of. A few leaves left on the grass certainly will not cause damage to the lawn however if left to pile up the lawn will be deprived of sunlight and oxygen; the trapped moisture will also cause discolouration. As the leaves fall, they also enter areas such as guttering and storm drains which can cause blockages. Annual clearances are recommended in order to avoid obstructions which have the potential to lead to further complications. Wet leaves which have fallen on the pavement can become incredibly slippery in turn becoming a substantial health and safety risk to the public if they are not cleared. Ensuring a company estate looks pleasant to customers and tenants is of high importance for the image of the company and for the safety of individuals entering the site.

Ensuring that your estate & eternal grounds are clear of winter leaves & debris is of core importance to ensure that your customers & tenants have a good perspective of the estate. As well as ensuring that all external grounds can flourish come the summer months.


Snow and Ice

With the winter months comes extreme weather fluctuations which businesses need to be prepared for. Car parks and building access points need to be properly treated preferably in advance of expected extreme weather, taking pre-emptive action to grit car parks and access points in order to support health and safety measure and protect anybody entering the business premises.


The weather conditions in the winter months can potentially promote the growth of mould in and around buildings. There are many issues when it comes to mould build up around your estate. With mould comes potential harm to those with underlying health conditions. Mould is very unpleasing to the eye and gives out a certain perception to both tenants & visitors about the quality of maintenance and upkeep of the estate.

It is important for business owners to consider hiring the services of a grounds maintenance team to ensure their site is kept to a high standard throughout the year. Hiring a grounds Maintenance Companies all year round, on a fixed contract is always the most cost effective and most efficient way to ensure that your external grounds are always kept to the highest of standards and is always seen as well maintained for all tenants, customers & visitors.

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