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Corporate Facilities Management

With each passing day, the importance of concentrating on an area of speciality is becoming more pronounced. In economics since the days of Adam Smith, who said that people should concentrate their energies in doing what is easier for them to do and sourcing the ones they are not most conversant with,has gained grounds.

Organisations now endeavour to concentrate their energies on the core of their business while contracting the other aspects out. An instance is in ground maintenance work. Though an organisation can pay for the services of a ground maintenance worker, it will not go ahead to hire one when the management of the organisation knows they can employ a service partner to do it for them.

Corporate Facilities Management

It is in this manner that Corporate Facilities Management Services was formed. Their components are being used by other corporate organisations who knowing those aspects of their business are in good hands that can concentrate on their core functions.


. To enable their clients focus on core business processes.

. To eliminate management's worry over facilities, staff, property, and assets.

. To provide their clients with services that match their needs and budgets.

To achieve these goals, they have these components:


Usually, organisations do not hire staff solely for the purpose of monitoring projects. It is always a case of designating a staff or two to monitor a project whenever they have one to execute. As cute as this sounds, it has a flaw. The flaw being that the execution or monitoring of projects is not the core function of the staff designated to handle it.

Besides the fact that the primary duty of that staff will suffer when the project is being monitored; the other staff that have shared the absent staff's job functions will be burdened all through the period it will take to execute the project. To cap it off, due to the staff's inefficiency in executing projects, one or two details might be missed.

This is where the contracting of job orders offered by Corporate Facilities Management Services come in handy. With a dedicated staff who are seasoned in execution of projects, the client who contracts them can be rest assured that the project is in good hands while they go about performing their core business processes.

Facilities Management Software


Taking care of the building facility can be another tasking job for organisations. Remembering to change the burnt bulb; replace the toilet seat cover; paint the scratched wall; among other things related to looking after a building takes a lot of time and energy that the management of an organisation should invest in their core business processes.

There is also the matter of maintaining the equipment of an organisation. It is tiring to want to use the photocopying machine only to find it to be out of order. The equipment of an organisation needs to be properly taken care of so as to maximise its efficiency.

With Corporate Facilities Management Services, the management of an organisation get to find the facilities they use on a day-to-day basis to be functional. There is no more time lag experienced owing to one asset or another breaking down. The longevity of an organisation's building and equipment is ensured.


There are certain projects that are definitely beyond the competence of certain organisations. An instance is asking an accounting firm to design a software of the accounting system it designed for a client. After designing the accounting system, the next logical thing for the accounting firm to do is give the job to a computer programmer for creating a software.

That is just the case with Corporate Facilities Management Services. Part of their component is the management of world class and high tech environments. For the simple reason that organisation's need to reduce cost while remaining effective, it is best to let them handle such projects.

ERP Software


Staffing is not as easy as it looks or sounds. There is the job offer to be announced, tests to be taken, interviews to be held before employment even takes place.All these take the very precious time that is golden for management.

There are certain positions in an organisation that management should not waste their time conducting a test or interview for. One of those positions for instance is the janitorial service. The management of an organisation would not mind using temporary or contract staff to fulfil that task.

At Corporate Facilities Management Services,helping their clients manage labour cost and other staff related issues without compromising on the quality of staff is a priority.


These four components when made use of by organisations help them in outsourcing the aspects of business which are important but not a part of their core business processes. All these components can not be achieved by Corporate Facilities Management Services without making use of reality based programs or software.
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