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Enterprise Resource Planning and Ground Maintenance

Ground Maintenance includes tasks that are responsible for improving and repairing building lawns, floors and landscape, in general. Many businesses rightly exert on the importance of ground maintenance, as office buildings are representative of business values upheld by the respective company.

Not only it helps to cast a great impression over the customers, a great landscaping also proves to be viable when it comes to creating an enticing office culture. Most tasks with ground maintenance, like mowing lawns, pulling weeds and routine repair, are repetitive in nature and have to be performed on a day to day basis. Other tasks like planting new flowers or plants, installing new tiles are occasional and seasonal in nature.

Ground Maintenance and ERP

To seamlessly plan and execute, routine and one time tasks, there is always a need of well planned, coordinated and communicated effort. An effective ERP system is the answer to bridge the gap required for such effort. Here is how ERP can play the role to bring about efficient ground maintenance:

Managing Service Level Agreements

A service level agreement is the one that lists down the services that are expected by the business from the supplier. It enlists the details of service rendered; their scope and quality. An ERP system ensures that ground progress is in accordance with the terms of the agreement. ERP requires monitoring of routine tasks, at all times, which helps to identify and counteract for any issues, in the shortest possible time. Moreover, it also tracks the performance of various vendors and keeps record for schedules, resources and workforce.

Automation of Routine Tasks

ERP automates or requires minimum external input to execute routine tasks like generating invoices, generating instruction notes etc. With preset settings and instructions, ERP systems can execute similar tasks on preset periodic basis. This often requires minimum human interaction, which means that more people can be assigned more productive tasks and overall productivity of the team can be increased. Moreover, automation also minimizes the time required for such tasks which ultimately leaves more space for more productive tasks.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Efficient Resource Management

ERP makes the process of managing and allocating equipment as well as workers, a lot more seamless, by maintaining the real time data of all resources available. ERP system allows arriving at informed decisions regarding allocation of the resources much more efficient, as it integrates multiple schedules and financial data, and makes it easily accessible by uploading the real time data in connected databases. ERP also eradicates the chance for duplicate reports because of integration of data at one place, and therefore, makes induces transparency and accountability to the process.

ERP Software

Communication Management

ERP systems manage team communications by collecting real time inputs from different team members at one place and quickly authorizing a decision. It also quickens the communications that have to go in or out other units of the company by utilizing its integration. Automated communications also help to reduce significant amount of time and effort required for routine communications. Not only ERP accelerates the communication process, it also curbs the way for miscommunication.
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