Facilities Management for Grade Listed Buildings
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Facilities Management for Grade Listed Buildings

How do you coordinate people with the infrastructure and space within your property? Do you have a tool that coordinates all of those together with your organization? How much do you pay to keep your property in excellent, liveable and workable condition? Do you know that it?s possible to save money if you choose the right tool for this work? The market is full of different tools that you can use to maintain your Grade Listed building, and one of the best is facilities management.

So, what makes facilities management viable for your Grade Listed Building?

Grade Listed Peterborough

a) Keeping the surroundings comfortable

A good Grade Listed building should be in prime condition so that the Occupiers & Public are able to use it for its intended purpose. If it?s a grade listed building in use, facilities management is your best bet for keeping it in excellent condition, thus ensuring the safety and comfort of every occupier. A commercial building also needs similar services to make it useful for all businesses that operate therein. For this to happen, regular communication with all stakeholders in the building is necessary.
Facilities management encourages regular exchange of ideas through communicating online, by phone or in face-to-face meetings. The regular exchanges make it easier to identify the areas that you need to prioritize within the building based on the feedback obtained from tenants & customers. You need facilities management services to do these and more. The services are great because of the following needs that they highlight in your Peterborough Grade Listed Building:

- Upgrades
- Redesigning the work space
- Renovations
- New constructions

b) Keeping the property healthy and safe

Tenants living in your property need assurances about their health and safety. The property has to meet and comply with all the building, health and safety codes. For example, how accessible is your building? Is the entire structure safe? What measures have you put in place to protect tenants or employees from falling off the building? Is the drainage system up to the standard that the government expects on your type of buildings?
Don?t forget that you can?t work on your Grade Listed Building (which includes cathedrals, historic buildings, churches and city town building among others) in Milton Keynes or Peterborough without proper licenses and documentation. A Listed Building Consent is necessary for any work that you want to carry out on the property. Fortunately, this is where the facilities management proves highly beneficial to you.

Grade Listed Facilities Management

Some of the works that you can?t carry out without Listed Building Consent, which facilities management highlights, include:

- Replacing windows and doors
- Building an extension, porch or conservatory
- Installing a satellite dish
- Repainting the building?s exterior
- Attaching a wall, gates or fence to the building
- Demolishing any building or structure within the property
- Fitting wind turbines or solar panels on the Grade Listed Building

Furthermore, facilities management proves beneficial by helping you to identify the special permits worth applying for in case you want to change or alter the building in any way. Special permits are necessary if you change the mechanical, electrical, gas and plumbing features on the building. The building needs features that guarantee the health and safety of the tenants or workers and these include:

- Disaster preparedness
- Emergency preparedness
- Flooding preparedness
- Fire protection

Facilities management guarantees the safety of the building by ensuring that all its awnings are properly secure. The safety of the building includes repaving the side walks. What is more, a building is safe when its parking lots go through resurfacing. Ensuring that the building has adequate lighting all-round is mandatory. Therefore, invest in facilities management if your building is in Peterborough, which is renowned as a cathedral city.

Grade Listed Peterborough

c) Simplifies budgeting

It?s difficult to improve your building if you ignore the importance of budgeting. Preparing a budget for improving your property in Milton Keynes requires experience. The fact that the building needs some repairs doesn?t mean that you should spend everything you have on it. The good news is that facilities management enables you to reduce costs of the project while increasing efficiency and optimizing resources.
The budgeting process is not straightforward when you plan to undertake any improvements on your building. Whether you own a church, cathedral or historical building, the budgeting process is just as complicated for all these types of properties. Facilities management helps you and your team to prepare scheduled time frames for defining the projections as well as priorities of the forthcoming project.

More importantly, facilities management helps you separating the works worth postponing from the rest that need prioritizing right now. The services help to identify items that require funding from contingency budgets, if you have such in place. Alternatively, you may opt to assign some items to a different budget later after raising the funds for the project, which would be hard to do without facilities management.

Therefore, invest in facilities management today. Your property in Peterborough or Milton Keynes needs such investment. The return on investment that you obtain from facilities management is worth every penny that you spend. More importantly, tenants will flock to your building because they appreciate all the measures you have put in place to guarantee their health, safety and comfort by allowing them to live or work in a well-maintained property.
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