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Facilities Management
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Facility Management

FACILITY MANAGEMENT (FM) This is a profession that entails many disciplines to ensure a company or a property runs smoothly, efficiently and under conducive environment by integrating individual,place and the modern technology.

Facility Management bring such good qualities in an organisation by making sure all activities are performed efficiently and smoothly within and even outside the organisation.To make the individual work properly and the work to be successfully done the FM looks upon the following competences;


To implement is to use a certain tool for a certain purpose and to make it to an effect.When implementing the FM team must be readily prepared as they will encounter numerous challenges on the way before completion.Also when implementing they should come up with an effective for long-term profit and an income for the organisation.Below are processes of implementation;

-Project planning - This is where there is a strategic plan on what to make in action and who to give the contacts. Also the team should use the appropriate methods for completing the project and the duration to be used.Project planning is very important as it should be done before the work project is started,estimated costs for each activity needs to be calculated first so that the total expenses will be known.

-Comprehensive program management - This is where the FM team concludes their total solution,they are able to know the project design,comfort and even the security, therefore they are satisfied with their final verdict

Facility Management

-Project team oversight

It is the role of the FM team to look on the knowledge, skills and responsibilities in the project initiated.The team provides all the knowledge they have on the project that is leadership knowledge, and even they give all their commitment to properly deliver the services needed for the project.

-Support and coordination

The FM team as their role supports and even coordinate the whole project until its completion.

-Risk and issue tracking and mitigation - This is where the FM team keeps on tracking all risks that can occur when implementing a certain organisation and try to overcome the risk before it occurs.

-Change management This is where the FM team comes up with a certain change or transition in order to redirects them on how to use the organisation funds in budgeting and on other organisation expenses

Facility Management Servies

- Documentation of project - This is where records are put in books on how the whole project was done and the time it took and even the income that was raised for the organisation.

The FM team has used a Facility management software that has helped them increasing efficiency in the planning of their projects and managements of their resources.Facility management software includes workflow management,reporting,business analytics and its usually on web means. Its also integrated with other IT systems like ERP software, BIM models,CAD software etc.

FM competence used to make the running of the organisation smoothly.

(a) Communication - This is a act whereby a message or information is conveyed from different groups of people or transferring a message from one place to another.Their role is to make sure good communication is used in the organisation i.e a communication that is understood by every personnel in the organisation and even the people visiting the organisation as well

(b) Technology - Technology is the technique of using knowledge and skills to modify an organisation.The technology used must be modern i.e the old technology should be advanced,and also be friendly to everyone.Not a technology that can harm lives and the society.

Facility Management ERP

(c) Quality Its is the role of the FM to make sure that the quality produced by the organisation is of good value and marketable.That the organisational produce grabs customers attention at large.

(d) Good Leadership Quality - The FM,should ensures that all leaders in the organisation possesses a good leadership,that is a leader who is honest,confidence,has a good communication to everyone in the organisation as a whole.

Below are Importance of Facility Management (FM) to your organisation(i).FM gives soft services to an organisation,all this services are divided into sections where each section is assigned to each individual to act on the roles of that section,for example in the finance office there are personnel who works there and also all other sections making the organisation task easier.

(ii).FM also gives hard services like maintaining hard infrastructure which can be difficult for a single individual.some of these hard services require a certain knowledge to run them and with FM team the entire task becomes easier hence running the organisation freely and smoothly.Examples of these hard services include; -Engineering services - Plumbing services -Electro-mechanical services etc.

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