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Fleet Management System

NLSFM utilizes its connection with its sister company ERP:FM to provide fleet management options that allow monitoring of various processes that involve a companies fleet assets.

As a company grows, depending on your industry, you often find that you acquire more and more work vehicles, all varying in tax and MOT times which makes for keeping track of relative records a little bit troublesome.

Fleet Management Map

Fleet management systems not only come with vehicle GPS mapping in real-time but a full set of abilities to manage all relevant paperwork concerning said asset. Having more than one vehicle is usually difficult to monitor because of the various tasks that they may be involved in.

Function of fleet management software

Fleet management systems in the UK are used to gather information relating to the vehicles and this is what guides the involved companies having a track record of the vehicles on a second by second basis. The complex nature of management involving vehicles is too demanding and by deploying fleet management it therefore enables the company to swiftly manage and schedule tasks around a fleet assets requirements.

Store: despite collecting the needed data the fleet management software stores this data to help on decision making, future reference and more so in acquisitions and disposal of the vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking

Asset Monitoring: This is the main and the most vital factor of fleet management, the monitoring involves working in close relationship with the various levels of management to give good result and have a well work oriented structure.

Statistics: Information can be obtained from external sources such as gas pump processors, revenue and customs and all interlinked departments such as human resources, finance and the insurance database.

With the solutions we currently deploy in our own business we are able to track every vehicle that we own all day, every day. This provides us with valuable data such as where our assets are night and day, what routes they regularly take, fuel consumption and much more.

We can recommend affordable GPS units that work with a SIM card to report the location and relative statistics of the fleet asset, this returned data syncs with your online ERP system so you have a constant view of all fleet assets mapped to screen, you will never not know where some of your companies most valuable assets are again.
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