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FM Services UK

Are you a property owner, business owner or in the private sector in Peterborough or Milton Keynes and in need of FM services? You have no need to worry. Our company specialises in these services and deliver them to your expectations. Our goal is in ensuring that your needs are met satisfactorily by effective control, monitoring and delivering in adherence to your budget. We also ensure a strong and active health and safety management system and in a proven and trusted customer experience.

What FM Services Offer:

1. Seamless and professional FM services - We work with a team of specially trained and experienced staff to ensure your needs are met.

2. Flexible, innovative and well-tailored FM services that will meet your needs.

3. Well controlled and guaranteed budgetary adherence.

4. Exceptional customer experience.

5. A trusted company that understands its customer?s needs and meets them effectively.

6. Guaranteed and proactive health and safety system.

The services we offer

we offer both hard and soft FM services including; Ground maintenance services, Estate lighting and drainage, Pest control and eradication and site audits. Hard services include; Fabric works and maintenance, electrical works and maintenance, heating and air conditioning and legislative compliance testing and maintenance.

Below is a detailed look into each of the services;

Ground maintenance services

Ground maintenance services are offered in an aesthetically pleasing, environmental friendly and in accordance with health and safety measures. We offer them to fit the client?s conformance standards, industrial best practices and to in agreement with guidelines and statutory requirements. We undertake these services as a team of highly professional individuals with a lot of experience and expertise.

These services include and are not limited to lawn maintenance, planting of trees, bedding of hedges, sports grounds maintenance and the treatment of hard standing areas

We are available to deliver them at any time of the day during all the seasons of the year.

Pest control and eradication services

Pest control and eradication services offered are in conformance with the latest industrial innovations and with all the current legislation and guidelines. They provide practical and effective solutions to the pest problems that are affecting you no matter the sector or scale of this problem. The pest control services we offer include pest and vermin control, insects and infestations, bird control and wild management.

Estate drainage and lighting services

Due to the repetitive nature of these services, we deliver them in a pre-programmed frequency or at intervals that suit your needs. These services which include drain cleanings and light inspections support a safe and clean environment and reduce by far emergency repair callouts.

Hard services

Whether a full maintenance service, an installation or even a single maintenance function our company ensures that its tailored to meet your needs and requirements perfectly and that you receive the best result to meet your expectations

The hard services we offer are;

1. Fabric works and maintenance

these services include groundwork repairs, general handyman tasks, joinery works, decorating, guttering inspections and cleaning and fencing.

2. Electrical works and maintenance

These services include periodic electrical testing and inspection, thermal imaging and small works installation, reactive electrical repair and maintenance services.

3. Heating and air conditioning

Our company specialises in the installation and repair gas boilers, oil fired boilers, comfort air conditioners, building management systems and air handling units.

4. Legislative compliance testing and maintenance

The services offered include fire systems, water services, emergency lighting, asbestos, lifts, insurance inspections and access systems.

Our hard services come in the following nature

1. Some are reactive while others are preventive

2. They are affordable and cost effective

3. Some are short term such as fixing lights and repairing interiors while others are long term such as lift servicing

4. Our high performance ensure that the services add value to your real estate

5. They reduce depreciation of the available technical assets

6. We use the risk based approach which is a sure way to guarantee safety and efficiency.

Our company is dedicated to ensure that whatever FM service you need, whether planned or reactive is delivered in a safe, environmentally friendly, legal and secure way. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide you with solutions perfectly tailored to suit your needs. All the while improving the quality of the services we deliver.

Our company ensures that you receive the best FM services that have been tailored specifically to meet your needs.
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