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Gardening for Business

Whether you run a small Real Estate Business, a Retail Business or a Corporate Office you stand in need of a green ground or at least a competent indoor garden for your office building. It may sound like a false rationale but when you give it a try you can not think of one successful business who doesn't hire decent ground maintenance servicemen except maybe for some fast food chain outlet but even their main offices have vast lush green grounds.

This is because a smart businessman understands the need of these services, he knows a professionally maintained office space surely boosts the productivity of the company. An office building with a garden and an efficient ground maintenance service has a multitude of benefits. Most of them may not be clearly evident at the moment but they surely affect the long term efficiency of the work done in that office.

Gardening for Business

If your business is that of a Golf Course then obviously there is no need to explain any further. But if you are in the business of education and run a Kindergarten for example you must have a beautiful green ground with swings and everything to serve as a playground for the Kids, same goes for all Educational Institutes, a ground is required for the students to spend time in and a ground maintenance service is required to keep that ground in shape.

Even if you don’t have an open space for outdoor garden, it’s still necessary to hire a crew for servicing the inside of your office. They can decorate it with different types of indoor plants and take care of the well-being of the work space. But why would a simple retail business pay for gardening service or ground maintenance crew.

Firstly it’s essential to keep in mind that a office building taken good care of costs less to maintain. It’s cheaper to pay maintenance crew every month than to pay for, for example, a new fountain because the old one is broken beyond repair, or to pay for 20 plants every week because the old ones died due to lack of care.

Business Gardening

Another factor often ignored is that hiring professionals to look after your office building reduces safety risks and can save you millions in Work-space-injury related insurance claims. These injuries may be caused by any kind of negligence towards the floor or ground or a lot of other things. Another vital thing to mention is that a ground maintenance crew would help you in complying with the safety and health guidelines for your area. An office with some sort of ground maintenance crew appears more professional and friendly. It looks neat and clean, if it has an outdoor ground with nicely trimmed grass and beautiful trees it gives a professional and comforting look, to which there are many advantages.

Your employees would work in a pleasant, refreshing and friendly environment and researches show that in a comfortable work space employees work 3 times efficiently than in a rough or unwelcoming environment. To get the best out of your employees you have to make sure they have the best environment you can provide. And a good ground maintenance service is a very important part of that environment.


Secondly well maintained spaces with plants and enough greenery are known to relieve stress and a stress relieving work space is obviously very good for business. Also by taking care of the environment your workers work in you show that you care about them, which boosts their moral. A garden outside your office provides for a good spot for the employee to sit in and enjoy their lunch hours and return to the office with refreshed minds.

Then the most important and undeniable reason for a ground maintenance service is that an ill-maintained and unprofessional looking environment wouldn't welcome the clients, and they will tend to perceive a bad image about your company. A customer would rather go to a company with an image of being professional than going to a company whose offices are ill maintained and unwelcoming. If your company has a more welcoming outlook and makes a better impression on the client you are more likely to be their first priority for business. So it is very important to give your office space a pleasant and professional view.
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