Geo Fencing in Fleet Management Systems
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Geo Fencing in Fleet Management Systems

Geo Fencing refers to a feature in software programs that utilises the Global Position System(GPS) to locate a defined geographical area. Geo-fencing is usually applied by Fleet firms to monitor the use of companies resources such as vehicles to ensure that they stay within the stipulated Geo fenced perimeter. Typically, when drivers fail to adhere to this Geo fence location parameters, an alert inform of phone calls, text messages and electronic mail notifications is usually sent to the administrators for action to be taken.

Below are five benefits that come with Geo fencing in the management of your vehicle fleet.

Benefits of Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing Fleet

Minimisation of costs

The generated Geo fence reports help the management cut down on expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance expenses. By monitoring drivers remotely, it ensures that the vehicles are not used in an inappropriate way thereby eliminating such costs.

Theft reduction

Geo-fencing allows stolen vehicles to be quickly located by notifying and showing landmarks within close proximity to the vehicle. With an aid of GPS software, Fleet administrators can now be able to retrieve their stolen vehicles while notifying the relevant authorities for action to be taken.

Stay on path

Geo fencing ensures that drivers adhere to the stipulated coarse by setting up a virtual map with landmarks that are allowed to be visited during working hours. When a driver exits a Geo fenced boundary, the GPS software sends a detailed alert showing how long it travelled and spent outside the Geo fenced perimeter.

Geo Fencing Management

Enhances safety

In case of emergencies, Fleet administrators can be able to quickly dispatch the required assistance. By knowing where a vehicle is stationed all times means a company is able to protect its assets by ensuring safety standard are strictly adhered to.

Automated updates

Ultimately, Geo fencing allows Fleet Firms to be constantly updated. These vital updates supplies the firms with authenticate records of all the vehicles activities both within and outside the Geo-fenced zones.

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