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Grass Maintenance for your Business Estate

The importance of grass maintenance to a business cannot be overemphasised. Grass renders to a business a unique connection to nature, and is one of the most welcoming sites to just about every person.

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Having a healthy lawn gives a natural appeal to the business environment and benefits the owner, employees and clients. Such a wonderful environment filled with the lush green of nature is the most uplifting to the human spirit. It is even uplifting to the value of the property in which the business seats! The health benefits of a well-tended grass include trapping particulate matter and thus reducing the dust in the air.

The air is not just filtered of particulate matter but actually purified as grass gives oxygen to the air and removes carbon dioxide. A healthy lawn also makes it easier to keep the business environment clean as waste does not get covered by the grass. Keeping your business environment natural and appealing will require a good maintenance schedule with the activities described below. Let your business grow with the grass.

How to maintain your grass Mowing Regular mowing is crucial to keeping the grass healthy and vibrant. It is also important to having a pest-free lawn. It is important to know the grass type as this determines the height and frequency of mowing. Remember that to maintain the natural orientation of the grass, you need to mow in alternate patterns. Mowing should be done in the morning or evening as the so that the cut grass is not scorched by the heat of the day.

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Mowing should be done when the ground is relatively dry and firm as it easier to move the mower and to avoid clogging as well as ensure even outcome. Watering The health of any plant depends, more than anything else, on watering. Regular watering will keep your grass health and maintain the magical green appeal.

The frequency of watering will be determined by factors such as climate, seasons, wind and even the type of soil. How much and how long the watering is done is determined by the grass type and also the soil type. For best outcome, early morning watering is recommended.

Fertilising The healthy growth of grass requires just the right amount of fertiliser in the correct regularity. The best time to apply fertiliser is when the conditions of optimum for growth of the grass. Too little fertiliser will fail to improve growth while too much may kill the grass while causing pollution.

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The best fertiliser is one with a good balance of all necessary elements. It is also advisable to aerate the grass before applying fertiliser. Weeding Regular weeding keeps grass healthy. This may be achieved using herbicides but it is also possible to keep weeds in check by ensuring a healthy grass—it means enhancing a natural defence against weeds.

Aerating Aeration is done by making holes in the lawn and is particularly necessary for thick, clay soils. Aeration improves water infiltration and helps enhance the rooting of the grass. By eliminating soil compaction, it ensures healthy growth of the grass.
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