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Ground Maintenance Contractor

A ground maintenance contractor is a the company which keeps the environment clean, healthy, safe and attractive. They work on business parks, golf course, athletics field and parks and ensure a clean and beautiful environment is maintained. A ground maintenance contractor have the following roles; landscaping, planting grass, flowers and bush around the compound to maintain a green and beautiful environment around a building. Also the ground maintenance contractor apply fertilizer and water to the planted vegetation to ensure it grows healthy.

After the vegetation have grown the ground maintenance contractor trims shrubs and pull weed for the vegetation to ensure health growing of the vegetation. The ground maintenance contractor cuts down tree branches that possess danger to human or those that prevent light penetration. Also rake and mulch work in a compound are the role of the ground contractor as he or she ensures the environment is clean and attractive.

Ground Maintenance Contractor

Ground maintenance contractor are responsible for grass cutting and collecting leaves and dry plants in the compound. Ground maintenance contractors removes algae and moss on walls part, rocky parts and walkways. It may be through manual removal or use of pesticide. This occurs during rainy seasons as algae grows in presence of high humidity in the atmosphere. Also stained walls may be painted by the ground maintenance contractor.

The ground maintenance contractor provide maintenance service and repair to equipment utilized in ground keeping and landscaping. Also can maintenance procedure such as fixing fountains. The contractor can trim edges around flower bed, walls and walkways. On the walkways the contractor sweep, build walkways and remove snows that may cause a person to fall. Also the ground maintenance contractor sprays pesticides to get ride if insects such as mosquito and wasp which may cause harm to human.

The contractor can also build simple fence to control movement of people in walkways or protect an area which contain delicate plant such as a small tree. Ground maintenance contractor offer advisory services relating to landscaping, designing of compounds and appropriate vegetation to plant.

Ground Maintenance

Due to their knowledge, they know the appropriate timing for planting season and correct species of flower, grass and shrubs that can survive in a particular type of soil. Also they offer financial advice on construction and maintenance cost of a landscape.

Ground maintenance contractor are responsible for attraction or repulsion of local animals such as birds, reptile or insects. The contractor may attract insects such as butterfly, bee and grasshopper which help in pollinating flowers. Butterfly species also beautify the environment. While birds feed on nectar they pollinate the flowers and help in the continuation of plant generation.

During rainy season ground maintenance contractor drains of stagnant water to prevent breeding site for mosquitoes. Also they are responsible for swimming pool care. Ground maintenance contractor clean swimming pool and exchange water, then afterwards the treat the water using chloride to decontaminate it.

Ground maintenance contractor are responsible for cleaning and clearance of gutters, to ensure harvesting of clean water and prevent wastage of water during raining seasons due to blockage. Also the provide tree surgery services which include repair of damaged tree, removal of damaged part or straightening of branches.

Ground Maintenance Company

Also ground maintenance contractor offer training services on ground machinery and equipment to new user to prevent accident and damage of working tools. Ground maintenance contractors have skills in tree and flower nursery.

This is an important skill because several species of trees and flower can be planted and sold for commercial purposes. The ground maintenance contractor have special skills in determination of diseases that may attack trees, grass and flower. This will help in prevention measures to avoid loses and treatment of affected area on time. Since ground maintenance contractor are well trained in handling of chemicals and pesticides, correct treatment measures are taken and also health safety is ensured.

In conclusion ground maintenance contractor are important since they maintain a clean, habitable and beautiful environment. It is important to hire a ground maintenance contractor due to their level of skill in matter related to the environment and landscaping. To be able to have a healthy, safe and clean environment, ground maintenance contractors needed to be hired and equipped with adequate knowledge during their training.
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