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Grounds Maintenence for Business Estates

The most efficient approach to facilities management and taking care of all your estates needs is outsourcing with a company experienced in this kind of work. Our team represents your facility in a discreet and professional manner. Security cannot be infiltrated by outsiders and we are insured and bonded to guarantee you no loss. We take care of everything on the estate including car parking, grass and grounds maintenance, gardens, and the a fore mentioned security. Your business will be pristine and safe.


All services will be logged for time and date as well as to which of our team members performed the service. We will facilitate events planned by your company and coordinate vendors. We will be the entire cleaning staff and ensure your business is always meticulously clean. We will supervise construction projects and see that all your planned expansions are to your plans and up to code.


We will make travel arrangements and assist your business guests with their accommodations and their travel as well. We will maintain vehicles and keep records for maintenance as well as handle licensing and tax consideration. We will handle all your fine art with the proper tools to care for your investment in the arts. We will be technically savvy with your alarm and burglary systems and offer basic computer knowledge and Quick Books to keep the best records for taxes.


The only thing you need do or worry about is your stated business or charter, we will do everything else in the basic running of the estate with weekly or daily reports so that your manager can be vigilante that we are handling our duties. We understand that you want to run your business toward making the most profit while it is our duty to make sure all the menial tasks are done.


The grass will be cut every two weeks and more often when needed. We will handle all aspects of lighting including timers on and off at your designation. The grounds will always be kept immaculate. All offices will be cleaned and vacuumed twice a day. There will never be full ashtrays or trash cans.


You will be able to choose any services you want to decline, but our full-service facilities management should be able to save you over the cost of hiring all these different employees and then giving them all of the extra bonuses, insurance, and workmen s compensation. Our facilities management service handles all these things and gives you one detailed bill that is tax-deductible.


All the lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners and other maintenance equipment are handled by our service. We candle one property or dozens for you, keeping all titles legal and maintaining all the business aspects for you meaning signs placed in appropriate places etc. Our lawyers investigate any and all liabilities, guaranteeing if you follow our advice, you will have no liability.


We can negotiate all contracts for any service not in your charter for your main business. If anything comes up that you would like to put under our management just refer that to us. We will supervise all work under our purview while travelling to all your locations to make everything run well everywhere.

We will keep records of all employees accurately including salary, hiring, firing, training, taxes, their supervision and what that supervisor says about them in their reviews. We will make schedules for all staffing, accounting, and maintenance for all properties. We will provide a system and procedures for all properties. We will maintain accurate records of all assets in all your properties as well as accurate insurance and inventories.


Our business estate managers and facilities managers are screened for their superior communication skills and ability to manage people and properties. Their extensive experience in property management makes them capable of managing unequalled service standards, They are intellectually and emotionally stable with a long term commitment value to their future employment. Their business mentality and extraordinary devotion to the facilities they manage makes them the best in the business.


Being a businessman who wants to use all his time to expand and grow his own business, makes you and your estates the kind of facility, we target for our services. We are the best in our business as you are the best in your business. As such, we know you can recognize our service as a valuable one and one that you do not want to be bothered with. We will facilitate a full turnkey operation that is guaranteed and bonded.


A service that will keep liabilities away from your door and help bring money to your business. It will take about a month to set up all equipment and hire all the employees required for your properties, so we need to get together to decide all your needs in advance. Please give us a call at the number listed on this communication for a more detailed plan and estimate of services.

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