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Grounds Maintenance Software

Grounds maintenance software is short on glamour but long on results. The technology manages investments in new ground care such as lawn care equipment and similar items. Companies and individuals who are looking to update their equipment can make use of grounds maintenance technology.

Maintenance software can reduce costs in the lawn care industry, public works and recreation departments, nurseries, farms and public gardens. Such advanced maintenance software has a 100% rate of return. Moreover, it pays for itself within a few short months. ERP software can yield a reduction in spare parts values and a subsequent reduction in pricing by keeping track of purchases and eliminating paper work.

Tablet with grounds maintenance software

To maximize investment always keep data entry current, which can sometimes be difficult in a fast paced environment, this is where ERP software can help. The most important feature within our ERP offering is the budget and expense tracking which usually comes in the shape of a financial and reporting system.

All company information is instantly at hand with no time lost, which is due to the technology thoroughly tracking spares parts, supplies, and fuel as they are purchased and used along with the abilities of tracking and maintaining detailed employee records.

Grounds maintenance management software

The ground maintenance software maintains up-to-date employee files with performance reviews, training records and communication. A long with the before mentioned components asset management is deployed and implemented to properly record, and tracking every item past and present that your company has held. To achieve this, management will have to take account of ground areas, parks, trails, sports fields, golf courses and more.

Grounds management software should ensure reduction of all chemical costs and accurate assessments. With our ERPFM offering our grounds management software comes with inventory management that keeps records of work schedules, requests, and grounds. No business should ignore the value of this investment because it provides businesses control over practice and performance.
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