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Grounds Maintenence in the UK

The purpose of grounds maintenance projects is to keep homes, businesses property’s, athletic facilities, schools, healthcare facilities, parks, gardens and so much more, in a clean, tidy, and safe outdoor environment.


The work is physically demanding, and the appropriate grounds maintenance equipment and tools are required. Grounds maintenance equipment goes a long way in keeping outdoor and indoor environments, picture-perfect. A grounds maintenance worker typically carries on the following activities:


- Maintain and monitor the health of plants

- Mow, edge, and fertilize lawns

- Plant shrubs, flowers, and trees

- Remove unwanted, dead, or damaged trees

- Trim small tree limbs, hedges, and shrubs

- Water lawns, landscapes, and gardens

- Weed and mulch landscape beds

Groundskeeping equipment comprises varied implements and vehicles used in groundskeeping, some of which includes the following:


● Edger’s - A good edger depends on the size of the landscaped job. For large areas, a heavy-duty gas edger trimmer is perfect; for medium and small landscaped jobs, an electric edger works very well. There are also battery-powered edger’s, which are quiet and highly effective. The great feature for edgers is that they are designed to be converted to other tool features, such as trimmers, cultivators, and blowers.


● Lawn Mowers - Lawnmowers are the staple of any small or large landscaped environments. There are different types, such as the standard manual mowers which cuts grass evenly and keeps the area well-manicured, with a little elbow grease. There are the electric cord mowers that run quietly, and a mulch bag can be added. They are designed to cut a narrow area of grass and are very eco-friendly, running on the electricity from a home or office. A battery-operated mower contains a battery enclosed in its housing. Just keep this lawn mower plugged in to recharge, flip a switch, and cut the lawn effectively. Also, a gas-powered mower is powerful and dependable, but a little noisy. 

● Leaf Blower - Leaf blowers, like a snow blower are a seasonal tool in grounds maintenance. Leaf blowers are styled as electric handheld, gas powered, handheld and backpack, and push/self-propelled. Electric handheld blowers work in small landscape areas because of its compact size. Electric leaf blowers are quiet and operates with electricity or battery powered. The gas-powered handheld blowers operate without any electric cords and it is slightly heavy. A backpack leaf blower is powerful and is easily carried on the back of the user.

They are also slightly heavy and are carried in a harness to distribute the weight. As grounds maintenance equipment that is powerful, a push or self-propelled leaf blower is perfect for larger landscaping jobs. Users push this blower like a lawnmower as it blows debris with high-power output and speed.

● Rakes - Ground maintenance workers use various rakes to use as an important ground’s maintenance tool. Naturally, a leaf rake contains metal or plastic tines for raking leaves or straw, and they are available in different widths. Other rakes include the bow rake, which is used to smooth out soil, a shrub rake is narrow for distributing mulch and to reach in between plants, a thatch rake is for aerating the soil with sharp razor blades.

● Shovels - Shovels are another ground maintenance tool that is used. Digging shovels, drain spade shovels, scoop shovels, scraper shovels, and post hole digger shovels are regular landscaping tool that can dig, plant, till, clear trenches, edge, and excavate columns of dirt.


● Tractors - Tractors are used in fields for landscaping, greenkeeping and several other industrial and residential maintenance jobs. Tractors are a key piece of grounds maintenance equipment that performs many duties, such as pulling objects, towing objects, drawing objects, and moving objects. They are also used to help landscaping and greenway duties, such as mowing, excavating, grading and planting. The various tractors in landscaping and other agricultural duties include sub-compact utility tractors, compact utility tractors, utility tractors and speciality tractors. Speciality tractors can be customized to meet certain needs, such as mulching, excavating, or serve as a front-end loader and a backhoe, landscaping equipment.

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