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Hedging Services in the UK

The art of using living hedges, dates back to the Iron and Bronze ages, with additional history of their growth and use during the Medieval ages and the 18th to the 19th century. A hedge pattern is a line or a customized design of closely spaced shrubs and trees, which are planted and specifically trained to form a barrier, serve as living fence, edgings, or to make an area boundary line. Using shrubs and trees as a hedging boundary is a beautiful topiary environment that is a living forestry fence line.

A planned hedge design may be in the form of using wires, fencing material, or just a densely planted scenario of trees and shrubberies.

Hedging Services

Hedge trees is a perfect use in forming a screening, a windbreak, and keeping noise levels low or abated. The larger the hedge trees are, the better its use is in blocking traffic and road noise. The favorite trees as a living boundary includes evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Deciduous trees are great for screening during the spring, summer, and early fall, especially during their full coloring period which makes them an attractive hedge screening. Evergreen trees are planted and trained to be used all year round, providing screening and privacy for residential and commercial property lots.

Using tree hedges requires a specific knowledge in how trees grow, how fast they grow, and how to keep them growing thick and full. A tree hedge vs. a shrub hedge, needs plenty of growth room for a very large root base system. Hedges can even be created and designed with a variety of trees, making a unique design and boundary, i.e., tall trees planted in the back, shorter trees in the middle, and insert a shrub plant right in the front. Just like its cousin, shrubbery and plant hedges are chosen as deciduous or evergreens. They too are used for privacy, landscape decorations, and security. Hedge plants and shrubbery are also pruned and trimmed to precise sizes and shapes.

Hedge Cutting

Keeping hedging trees, plant, and shrubberies, is a must to keep them healthy and well cared for, this calls for proper pruning techniques. Hedge pruning is best done at planting time as a preventative ground maintenance procedure so that young trees can be trained to develop a strong structure. Pruning helps to shape young trees and to train them grow in a specific direction and in a specific manner. Pruning shrubs is less arduous than pruning trees, but nevertheless, it still requires care and to use the same techniques to encourage strong, good growth structure.

As part of ground maintenance, to maintain existing hedge trees, tree pruning is best performed by a qualified professional who has the right equipment and knowledge. As an expert, we understand how to selectively remove branches that are weak so that it will grow thicker; to keep branches from drooping and to allow more room above the ground; to remove large branches that may be growing too tall, in other words, experts know how to crown a tree and shrubs.


In designing and keeping a business landscape, ground maintenance experts know how to complement the architectural scale and style of a business, as well as the local ordinances for hedging designs. Hedging also serves as a landscape philosophy for businesses, with many companies spelling out their name in hedging. Our tree pruning helps trees to tie into a business landscape design by providing an interesting entryway, pathway or sidewalk delineation, or to break up certain building design lines. Using trees, plant, or shrubs as hedges requires a professional who understand their growth period in order to create an architectural environment.

For instance, as part of our hedging services, we can plant and design tree hedging to be used in a two-tiered process of planting, where our ground maintenance expert can use fast growing tree types with a slower growing tree type. Tree hedges are beautifully arrayed when ground maintenance experts use flowering trees and stay on-top of their need to be sprayed, fertilized, trimmed, and pruned. Planting living screens is far more attractive and healthy than having a business owner erecting stone walls or vinyl fencing. Also, zoning ordinances do not apply to a living hedge boundary as are hardscape walls.
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