How does grounds maintenance software work?
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How does grounds maintenance software work?

Grounds maintenance includes everything necessary to keep an area of land functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can include mowing grass, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and planting flowers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor estimated 900,000 workers are employed in the grounds keeping services. Over 300,000 were groundskeepers for schools, parks, and even golf courses with similar numbers being quoted in the UK relative to the population.

Investing in software technology is how businesses maintain and get the most of their ground maintenance efforts. Maintenance management software can help manage investments in new lawn care equipment, along with the remainder of lawn care assets. Maintenance software can help businesses pull together different operations and pays for itself in just a few months. Not only can it achieve more than a 30 percent reduction in spare parts inventory and 10 percent reduction in part pricing, but virtually eliminates the use of paperwork.

Grounds maintenance software

Repair and maintenance account histories hold vendors accountable and lead to a longer equipment life and better replacement decisions. Surprisingly, only one third of businesses who adopt a maintenance software package complete the implementation. The software assists in establishing more efficient operational controls and procedures that produce valuable benefits ? that affect the bottom line. Staff is trained to operate the software and always have the latest version. The benefits are actually even more valuable than formerly expected.

While only one third actually complete implementation, the remainder of businesses only implement limited features. Generally, they employ the ones that serve a basic purpose but never explore to see what the rest is capable of. They do not update the software when needed, therefore they cannot obtain the full benefits it has to offer. Maintenance management software provides a maximum benefit it properly implemented.

Repair and maintenance  software

Grounds Maintenance management software allows customization for specific tools that minimize human input and administrative processing. The software has been designed to offer a high level of functionality for service delivery throughout the year. Businesses are able to manage work scheduling, routes and fleet management. Assigning alerts to job roles ensures more targeted communications in a timely manner.

The software includes a comprehensive dashboard tool. It takes metrics from site visits and displays the information graphically. Data is filtered and available across the system to provide customers with access to certain selections. It is an easy to use platform that covers all aspects of operations from customer creation to invoicing.

There is also an instant messaging function that provides a way to keep in contact with manage customer contacts. This allows dual communication with responses grouped together.
Each shift can be monitored with real-time data fed from devices into the management software. The tracking features uses integrated maps to give a detailed display of site visits enabling greater tracking. With this traceable feature, along with real-time communication, an operation becomes quite cost effective with improved customer satisfaction.

Field teams can monitor with software

Field teams can be monitored with a fieldwork app that synchronizes with a central management feature. The app provides real-time information which improves fleet management experiences. The app features workforce communication that targets SMS communication to certain work groups. It is easy to use and allows messages to be broadcast to specific teams. This provides even more control of fleet.

The software also includes the capability to take photos and sign off on tasks. It helps to organize all the information needed to confirm completion of work, weather conditions, and any incidents that may affect service delivery. This adds reassurance for the business and the client.

For each shift, work sites and clients are matched to vehicles. This process is flexible and allows fast distribution based on manageable templates. There is also easy placement to mobile devices means that teams can work more efficiently.

Grounds maintenance software can also be integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP collects and stores data more efficiently. Grounds maintenance software applications deliver real-time information that is transferred to the management suite. When this happens, audits can be tracked throughout operation. They are automatically collated and sent to the customer. One a shift is completed, data feeds through and an invoice is produced. The invoices are then emailed to the customers.
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