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Industrial Maintenance

Keeping an industry running is not easy and the difficulty exists independently on the size of the company. With the industry itself, many responsibilities come like taking care of business, people (employees, costumers, business partners), building a good image for costumers, security. This last one is what really keeps the others running correctly and with no risks; it's the most important part of a successful and profitable industry.

Security is the prevention, which keeps the company from further losses, judicial processes, ruining the enterprise image and everything else that could be an enterprise nightmare. Doing industrial maintenance is the best way to prevent such unpleasant occurrences, and to each field of activity, different sorts of maintenance is requested. In general, there are three main industrial maintenance types: corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance. They are all very important to keep the correct industry operation:

Industrial Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

The corrective maintenance is still the type that is done mostly, it is made after some flaw or piece or equipment breakdown, its goal is to correct and restore operation to standards previously defined in the shortest possible time in order to avoid major losses in productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

It's a type of maintenance that aims to follow-up and intervene in advance to prevent and avoid breaks or failures in the company operation.

Predictive Maintenance

It is also known as diagnostic maintenance, and it's also done before failures or equipment breakdown. The approach consists in monitor the equipment for some time, evaluating performance and indicating possible flaws. Nowadays, maintenance is a determining factor for quality and efficiency in a productive chain, contributing to reducing costs, time optimization, decreasing product's final price and increasing the company's profit. Besides all this, there are some extra maintenance that are common to every enterprise field: plumbing, electrical and structural.

Industrial Maintenance Software

The frequency of inspection varies according to the industrial category, which needs to be checked in order to keep a proper operation of the company. First, the local regulatory agency in each category must be consulted to make sure the appropriate measurements are being taken to maintain the industry in good shape with the legal questions (that sometimes varies even from city to city). Second, it is needed to get in touch with a reliable maintenance services supplier (that can be specific to each piece: plumbing, electrical, etc) that can provide the supplies (some companies have their own staff to do the necessary works) for the service requested by the regulatory agency or even provide specialized staff to accomplish what's needed). Hereafter is presented some services and supplies that are offered by industrial maintenance suppliers.

Plumbing Maintenance Maintaining the plumbing in good shape is indispensable to have a safe environment that promotes a healthy and pleasant workplace. Besides, when not kept in adequate operation, plumbing issues may deteriorate the industry physical structure, that can cause accidents and lead to damage the industry image.

Suppliers can provide a specialized repair or maintenance service, or the necessary tools so the company staff can perform the service by themselves. Tools and parts that are provided to be used in plumbing: spare parts (like tubes), hydraulic connections, drilling machines, vise, wrench, pliers, piston, safety glasses, chisel, among others.

Maintenance Industrial

Electrical Maintenance The electrical maintenance prevents fires and burning electronic equipment, so it is probably one of the most important prevention services in an industry because it prevents massive losses. This must be taken care very carefully so if the company doesn't have skilled employees to run this operation, the best option would be to hire professional services from a supplier, but, if it is not the case and the company has its own professional staff, the tools that are commonly used in this maintenance are: screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, side cutting, pliers, thin point pliers, electrician's pliers, wire stripper, switchblade, chisel, hammer, multi-meter, insulating tape.

Structural Maintenance Structural maintenance is not only about safety, but it's also about the industry facade that usually is the first impression to a new customer or new business partner so it should be taken care carefully. Some suppliers offer the maintenance service besides the tools necessary.

All these maintenance services (corrective, preventive, predictive) and extra common maintenance (plumbing, electrical, structural) are offered by the best suppliers and if always made in time to avoid accidents or breakdown can increase profit and lower risks, building up an excellent industry image and making it more reliable.

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