Lock Onto & Track Individual Vehicles in Fleet Management
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Lock Onto & Track Individual Vehicles in Fleet Management

For some organisations, guaranteeing that their fleet and resources work as productively and adequately as could reasonably be expected is the way to development and winning new business. Hi Def Maps gives the tools, lock on to a vehicle, to help your organisation accomplish the greatest advantage from your portable resources, permitting your business to enhance efficiency and expansion benefit.

Hi Def Maps gives an ongoing perspective of your key armada data, and quick access to the pertinent movement for the present day. This information incorporates the ebb and flow area and pace, and additionally the status of any furthermore observed things, for example, the motor rev's, driver status, entryway status (open/shut), temperature, fuel level, and so on.

Track Vehicles Fleet

Notwithstanding the status data depicted above, Hi Def Maps likewise gives a profoundly point by point perspective of all the present day's development, including separations driven, begin/stop areas and definite movement logs and outlines, all consolidating to present you with a one-stop synopsis of your whole armada through a solitary screen.

The advantages of having the capacity to switch between vehicles in your fleet consists of:

1. Reduced driver additional time and less squandered driving hours

You'll know careful begin and end times of each employment/conveyance, and with demonstrated execution measurements you have target instruments to oversee execution readily available. You can take out high additional time expenses and guarantee that an hour paid is really an hour worked. You and your group have the data expected to control inconspicuous field action, transforming lost time into profitable time promptly.

Track Vehicles Fleet

2. Reduced spending on fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear

As fuel costs vary, organisations frequently miss or disregard unapproved utilisation of organisation vehicles, for example, when a worker takes a vacation. Switch between taking after a solitary vehicle in your armada and Being ready to view where each vehicle in your armada will help you keep an eye on fuel use.

3. Reduced response and reaction time to basic occasions

Capacity to find vehicles and ascertain nearest vehicles to an area with Hi Def Maps helps you to diminish reaction time to basic occasions.
4. Better Vision
As a business owner, gain a better understanding of where your fleet is and gain intellect of specific vehicles at any time.
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