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Looking after your ground maintenance requirements

There are quite a few specifications that apply to all general grounds maintenance work. These are the main ones. The grounds maintenance caretaker will have to Maintain grounds;ensure that the site grounds are free of trash and debris. Clean and maintain interior of site office and common areas (e.g. sanitize restroom(s), clean glass and surfaces, dust, sweep, mop and vacuum as necessary). Maintain site landscaping; trim and weed as necessary.

Keep site exterior safe and sanitary by removing ice/snow (i.e. shoveling, salting/sanding, snow blowing, etc.) from common areas (i.e. sidewalks, mailboxes, staff/maintenance office, etc.) Monitor performance of contracted lawn service; report any deficiencies to the Property Manager.

Ensure that all tenant vehicles and property is/are stored properly. Report all non-routine maintenance needs to the Property Manager. Notify the Property Manager of any conditions threatening the health and safety of the tenant population. Correct the condition where feasible. Perform assigned administrative and tenant relations functions. Monitor tenant activities to ensure compliance with policies.

Ground maintenance requirements

Report violations of CDA policies to the Property Manager. Maintain good tenant relations; act as a positive member of society by being a good representative to tenants and external clientele. Submit verbal report (or written as requested) to Property Manager on a weekly basis on condition of the site and/or issues that need attention.

Show vacant units as needed. Intervene, when necessary and appropriate, to interrupt or prevent behaviors which will damage the property or harm other tenants (e.g., vandalism, children playing with matches, etc.) Contact Property Management on 24-hour basis to report any tenant activities deemed to cause an emergency or life-threatening situation.

Distribute memos from CDA staff and/or contractors as directed. There are a few ways in which general jobs relating to grounds maintenance are advertised. The first of them is a personal property caretaker. The job requires the person to already have grounds maintenance experience, handyman abilities, background check, and a knowledge of what to do when they actually get hired.

Property Manager

Usually, the duties include mowing, edging, planting fertilizer, seasonal sweeps, and general upkeep of the property, be it open field or a brick house. On-site property managers are also responsible for maintaining common areas, monitoring the house, handle rent issues, and have a good grasp of verbal communication skills. The other is landscaping grounds workers. They will need to have prior experience with handyman duties, equipment or structures such as buildings, greenhouses, fences and a keen attention to detail.

They will of course also be required to submit reports to the property owner on how the landscape maintenance is progressing. In addition to landscape and general grounds maintenance work, there are vacancies for school grounds maintenance that crop up. The job description of such a worker is manifold. The person hired will be required to maintain the school grounds according to the district's directions which are to provide safe, instructionally appropriate conditions for the grounds.

In addition, the major responsibilities cover completing tasks assigned by the grounds supervisor. Normally, all grass turf areas and athletic field preparation is the responsibility of the caretaker. He or she will have to prepare and maintain athletic fields, fences, signs, landscape, trees, shrubs, topsoil, turf grasses at the assigned location.

Maintain daily trash pickup on all areas of the campus school plant services. There are some minimum qualifications required for obtaining a position as a school grounds maintenance worker. The applicant must have a valid drivers license.

The person must also have specific knowledge of turf equipment such as driving a tractor. Maintain a positive working relationship with district personnel and report progress regularly to the supervisor. People who are not physically fit should stay away from school grounds maintenance work as one is required to do a fair degree of heavy lifting. General use of grounds maintenance with hand and power tools such as trucks, stake bed, mowing machine, edger, stripping machine, tandem axle trailer, ladders, shovels, spades, weed eaters, etc.

Ground maintenance

The general work environment sometimes requires laboring in difficult conditions such as summer heat or winter cold. The bonus in this position is that it is better paying than that of a non-essential grounds caretaker. The school grounds caretaker is usually offered flexible work hours and generous overtime pay. Companies and schools looking for such skilled labor should make use of outsourcing the hiring process to people who are experienced in the field.

Landscaping services in the area can provide reliable grounds maintenance. Employers should be on the look out for services that include a vast array of locations such as sports fields, residential, and commercial communities. The hired company should have the right personnel, management systems and equipment to meet the extensive demands of this sort of work.

The experience of the personnel is key to the success of grounds maintenance and a competent landscaping service will provide grounds that look sharp and make the best impression of the company, school, or property owners.
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