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Maintenance software

Maintenance software or most commonly called the Computerized Maintenance Management Software is a software that is commonly used by businesses who are engaged in any maintenance operations. An example of these maintenance operations is, those engaged in maintaining health care facilities, real estate properties, vehicle fleets and other types of machinery.

Historically, those that are engaged in this type of business are using paper and pen method to keep track of their maintenance work and everything that comes along with it. Such as personnel management, task schedules, materials inventory, work requests among others.

The manual method of keeping track on all of this exposes the company or the organization to inaccuracies which cause losses that are detrimental to the finances of the business. Not only that, inaccurate data also opens up the clients to possible losses, for when certain maintenance work are not performed as expected because of the wrong data on the worksheet.

Maintenance software


To help solve this problem, Computerized Maintenance Management Software or CMMS was developed. This software accurately tracks and records in its database the different aspects required in required to be recorded in the maintenance service business. The following are the benefits of using maintenance software:

This software can help you in controlling your company costs because of its ability to track your inventory. By doing this, you can save costs and align your finances with those things that are really needed in your inventory. You can track how fast certain items are being depleted in your inventory, thus allowing you to restock on the materials before they are totally depleted.

The CMMS can also keep track and manage your personnel. This is to make sure that all your personnel is given tasks and that they were able to accomplish the tasks given to them. It also provides you information on the estimated time of completion of a task. When you get such information readily available, it will give company decision makers to efficiently allocate manpower and resources to where it is needed.

This software can also help you maintain a safe workplace. You can record the different incidents in the workplace, track the compliance of your personnel in doing their work and you can even provide procedures that everybody can follow to maintain a safe workplace.

Software for Maintenance

To help you comply with government regulations, the software can also help you manage all your permits and other pertinent documents needed for when you transact with the government.

Another benefit of using this software is that ability to optimize your assets. By managing your personnel well, you will, in turn, manage and optimize the use of your assets. This will help boost your company's productivity as well as increase the quality of service that you are providing.

The Computerized Maintenance Management Software is able to provide you will all these benefits that will help you in the operation of your business. The success of your operation will depend heavily on the accurate tracking of everything that is involved in your operation. Although the maintenance software is enough to help you in your operations, this does not give you an overview of your business as a whole. This is why an accompanying software is needed, and this is the enterprise resource planning solution or ERPS.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solution or ERPS is a software that helps you in running your business as a whole. It does not focus on operations but rather it focuses on the other aspects of business. This software runs on computer hardware and it is heavily dependent on providing information through its database. Its main function is to collect data, store them and interpret such data coming from your different business activities. The ERPS is focused on providing management on the following:

1. Product or Service Conceptualization - with this software you can store data regarding product or services that may be developed or provided by your company. By interpreting the data on your existing products or services, companies will be able to determine their next product.

2. Delivery of Product or Services - this software can provide tracking of your product inventory or service inventory. Integrating this feature with your CMMS will allow decision makers to properly align company resources in order to achieve their daily, monthly or annual goals.

Online Maintenance Software

3. Marketing, Sales, and CRM - the ERPS has an integrated CRM or a customer relations management, this is to make sure that customer relations are tracked so that no customer is left uninformed of any products or services that the company may provide. The ERPS also tracks sales and event marketing efforts or campaigns.

4. Tracking Inventory - although the CMMS already has an inventory tracking capability, the ERPS’ inventory tracking complements the CMMS. This is by tracking other assets in the inventory that may only be supplemental to the total operation of the business, and those that may not have been covered by the CMMS. With this total inventory tracking, companies are assured total asset optimization and management.

5. Finances - one of the most essential parts of the business is the finances, the ERPS provides a tracking system of your company finances. The ERPS is able to track all your financial assets and liabilities. It can also track the different payments made to and by your company. By tracking the finances, the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution can help complement the CMMS by determining which items in your inventory can be procured with your set budget.

Analytics - this is one of the most beneficial functions of the ERPS’, its ability to interpret the data that it collected and stored. By presenting decision makers an easy to understand analytics through graphs they will be able to make the best decision with regards to the use of company assets.

Who Uses CMMS and ERPS

Although CMMS and ERPS are the logical choices for large companies such as those engaged in E-commerce, Computer Hardware, Health Care, Transportation. These software is slowly finding their way into small enterprises and even startups. With all the benefits that the Maintenance Software and the Enterprise resource planning solutions can provide, they can have their own specific application to virtually any type of industry.
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