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Mold Prevention Services

Mold can grow almost anywhere and once its there its hard to get rid of it, and the prevention of mold in the first place will be best for all concerned. Anyone who has a wet area in their home or business is at risk for developing mold. Mold can cause and aggravate all kinds of health concerns so the very young, the older, and those who already have health issues would be more at risk immediately, however everyone can develop health issues from mold.

Work into avoiding mold

There are several steps to preventing mold from growing and its best to call a professional to help with these steps. Below are listed the steps a professional is most likely to take to prevent mold in your home or business.

First the specialist will conduct a walk through and identify areas that they feel might be problem areas. Next they will attack any areas that appear wet first. Mold requires moisture to grow so if the moisture is gone, mold cannot grow. They will wipe down or dry these areas that are wet.

The next step will be to ensure that the home or business in question has proper ventilation. An hvac system or air circulation system is best to keep the air moving so that high moisture risk areas will have enough air circulation to prevent moisture from not drying.

Next will be the application of mold prevention products which apply a layer of mold inhibitor to the area. This will prevent any mold from growing in susceptible areas.

Mold prevention on windows

Once the above steps have been completed, the specialist will help set up a humidity monitoring system. Next, he will advise some work outside of the building in question. All water spouts need to be directed away from the building, gutters will need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and all areas near the building will be inspected for sitting water.

Once all these steps have been completed, the customer may relax knowing the war against mold has been waged and won with a little bit of prevention care.
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