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NLSFM Covid-19

The importance of facilities management during the Covid-19 pandemic:

It may be tempting to place your facilities management at the bottom of your list during the coronavirus pandemic however there are some particularly important reasons as to why they are still as important as ever.


As many businesses have downed tools and started working from home as advised by the government, it is essential that those responsible for maintaining the building ensure that it is readily recommissioned when tenants return. With a building being unoccupied for some time this does not navigate away from the safety regulations and requirements such as fire detection testing, drawing water regularly to avoid the risk of legionella and foul smells being released into the building.

Where there is low occupancy in any building’s measures must be in place to protect those still in the workplace, appropriate signage must be displayed around the communal areas such as corridors, stairways, kitchens etc. Increased cleaning schedules, where there are still occupants in the building areas such as communal toilets need to be more regularly cleaned. Ensuring waste management is kept on top of is vital to avoid any unnecessary, unwanted germs being spread.

How has NLS FM continued safely through the effects of Covid-19?

Working outdoors – as many of our services are performed outdoors, we have been able to maintain the advised social distance.

Each employee has their own vehicle to travel to and from sites and every vehicle is cleaned daily.

Many of our tasks are carried out over a large area therefore each member of staff is given an allocated area to work allowing for social distancing from other team members.


Head Office - Our head office has been modified to the new normal to allow a safe environment for all employees. The number of employees in the office at any one time is kept to a minimum, desks have been spaced out, labelling displayed around the office and sanitiser available and encouraged at every entrance and exit of the building.

Face masks are available to anyone coming into the office area along with antibacterial wipes.

The office area is cleaned and sanitised daily.


''It is more essential for all Facilities Management companies to be more dynamic now more than ever to continue to prioritise the safety of clients and team members as we continue to live with the new normal.''

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