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Office Facility Management

Having professional office facility management practices is key for any business or organisation to get the best performance and value out of their facilities. Facility management is a profession encompassing several disciplines, focused on managing the maintenance, operation, and monitoring of a company’s assets to ensure that these resources provide successful results and stay profitable by lowering costs and minimising business risks.

Office Facility Management is the most effective way to assert functionality of the built environment and while it does this by integrating technology, processes, people and place; it is often not acknowledged or given the same level of importance that other components of organisations receive.

Office Facility Management

In fact, it is not always recognised by companies and more often than not the position of a facilities management professional is only advertised as a job description and not the professional role that is.

This is despite the fact that facilities constitute a significantly large part of most companies’ assets and operational expenses, and usually make up the second highest cost after staff. The many objectives of facility management are beneficial in all industries. What this means is that regardless of what business one specialises in, office facility management is always an important aspect for company executive to consider and invest in.

With the growing adaptation of intelligent IT systems and applications, facility management adds directly to a company’s bottom line by enabling smarter working thus maximising asset values and minimising costs.

Because of the huge impact facilities, systems, processes and environment have on the productivity of employees at any organisation, investing in office facility management would give better insights into how best to manage people, assets and buildings based on their interactions. Being able to make more informed decisions will ensure maximise productivity within the facility.

As a business grows to a stage where there are big buildings to manage and larger staff size and HR to keep track of, it becomes more important to have to a platform for managing all of it and this is where the right office facility management can be resourceful.

Office Management Software

In order for company heads to be able to focus completely on making sure their company is successful in carrying through its core business and delivering bottom line results, they need to know that their company is not at risk from mismanagement. And whether or not a business is in growth mode, it takes effort to manage the environment as well as the administrative complexity of leasing or owning its facilities.

A Facility Management Professional is able to navigate the risks posed and mitigate them in a way that any line or administrative resource manager would be unable to. With the added experience and training in all complex areas of managing facilities, an office facility management professional would be effective in maintaining compliance and produce results by overseeing all issues on the go with the help of facility management software available on mobile platforms.

This way FM professionals can be responsive and log maintenance issues, track changes and identify risks that could have serious negative impacts on the business’s future. Being able to take preventive and corrective actions immediately, will again greatly reduce risks and costs. One of the biggest advantages of most facility management software is how every package can be adapted to solve any particular business needs. A company can decide to choose only the modules that pertain to their facilities at the time
and eventually scale up for long-term business growth.

Office Facilities Software

Generally, the correct management of facilities with FM would; better the lifespan of any business’s assets, ensure the health and safety requirements for operation are being met, effectively monitor and keep up compliance and most importantly increase the cost-efficiency and profitability of the business. All these benefits of overall efficiency of any business or organisation through office facility management cannot be overstated.

Though the awareness of Facility Management is only now on the rise around the world, thanks to support from large international bodies such as the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) and other local associations, a shared 2016 study carried out by both the Global FM and IFMA placed the global facility management market at an annual worth of £1.12 Trillion. With several forces driving the facility management market’s growth and the increasing awareness of the opportunities and importance of FM globally, it is strategically positioning itself as the solution for all businesses looking to make highly efficient decisions and perform optimally.
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