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Power Cleaning Services

Facilities management providers must consider that their varied spaces contain flooring substrates with a variety of floor conditions. In order to keep everyone who works or visits their buildings healthy and safe, management must develop a regularly scheduled maintenance plan.

A building's architecture changes, including flooring which must be kept clean and smooth. There is always specific manufacturing care procedures to produce an efficient and effective cleaning location. Power cleaning is the best method for a variety of flooring plans for hard standing areas.

Roof based power cleaning services

Power cleaning services use consultants to work with facilities management providers to identify each of their flooring types, the surface age, traffic patterns and other important cleaning issues. Hard standing areas generally receive a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic which contributes to its lifespan.

To clean hard standing areas, power cleaning services recommend using a power washer with a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and perhaps a slightly higher pressure point when tougher stains are encountered.

Power cleaning speed can also be enhanced on horizontal and vertical floor grades with the use of a variety of power washing equipment, such as electric and gas operated models.

Facility management power cleaning

These include wheel carts, wall mounted equipment, and diesel operated equipment. The attachments include nozzles, wands, pumps, spray tips and other parts which effective power cleaning services operate.

An additional power cleaning factor that a reliable power cleaning service is knowledgeable about and is experienced in, is whether to use hot or cold water pressure washers for all types of hard standing areas.

Cold water power washers are lighter and easier to use than hot water washers. Cold pressure washers are very popular in removing dirt. However, if the hard surface that is to be cleaned is mixed with oil or grease, a hot water pressure washer is best. Hot water actually lifts the oil off of the hard standing surface, along with power washing chemicals.
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