Reasons for Professional School Grounds Maintenance
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Reasons for Professional School Grounds Maintenance

The typical school grounds comprise a parking lot, a yard, a garden, a swimming pool, sports courts, and landscapes that offer sporting and general relaxation opportunities to the students and teaching faculty alike. These grounds inevitably become infested with dirt, waste, and debris, from such sources as the atmosphere, the human agents, and natural processes such as oxidation.

The school grounds consequently have to be kept in the best conditions possible in order to ensure their safety and overall habitability, and in so doing prevent the outbreak and proliferation of hygiene-related sicknesses. The proceeding discourse dares to discuss the subject matter of school grounds maintenance in details by touching on such pertinent issues as what the term grounds maintenance mean, the requirements for effective school grounds maintenance, the significance of effective school grounds maintenance, and why outsourcing to a competent company is the best way forward.

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Definition of Terms. The term school grounds maintenance basically refers to the art, practice, process, and vocation of keeping the school grounds clean, safe, healthy, and attractive.

What Grounds Maintenance Entails Grounds maintenance typically entails:

- mowing of the lawns
- application of fertilizers onto landscape plants and flowers
- sweeping away of debris and dirt
- garbage collection and disposal
- trimming of hedges and flowers
- watering of plants (both indoor and outdoor plants)
- shoveling snow from pathways
- sprinkling down of ice to prevent people from slipping and falling
- carrying out routine maintenance duties such as; application of plasters and fixing of fountains; performing minor repairs; installation of lawn furniture; application of pesticides; general ground works; and mulching of gardens, among others.

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Prerequisites for Effective School Grounds Maintenance in order for the task of school grounds maintenance to be effectively carried out, the necessary tools-of-trade such as shovels, spades, machetes, ladders, dustbins, and wheelbarrows have to be acquired; a team of well-trained, highly-skilled and dedicated staff and caretaker have to be hired preferably on a full-time basis. Also, all the protective attire such as aprons, overalls, gloves, face masks and gumboots have to be availed; and a proper working timetable has to be drawn and duly adhered to especially in the springs and fall when there are bound to be plenty of work to be done.

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The Importance of School Grounds Maintenance Properly maintained school grounds confer plenty of benefits to the teachers and students alike. It prevents the outbreak of cholera, dysentery, typhoid and other hygiene-related ailments; improves the ambience and habitability of the school environment which is crucial for proper education. It surely contributes immensely towards the performance of the school students; and reduces the costs of maintaining the schools in the long run.

Final Verdict The average schools obviously lack the necessary tools and equipment; the wherewithal to hire competent staff and caretaker on a full-time basis; and time as outlined above. These combined with the need for the respective schools to stay focused on their core roles of imparting knowledge upon the learners call for the intervention of a competent, duly-qualified, and experienced school grounds maintenance company. In order to get started, the respective school ought to search the internet, local telephone directories, and company listings for the availability as well as the addresses of a reputable school grounds maintenance company.
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