Role of the groundskeeper
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Role of the groundskeeper

A groundskeeper has a lot of responsibility when it comes to their role, they are responsible for the landscape of the entire estate and have a duty to carry out reactive and planned events while maintaining the service level agreements (SLA) with the tenant.

Every morning the first thing he does is walk the premises and looks for any trouble spots that may have happened during the night. If there was a storm he checks all the trees, flowers and shrubs to ensure they are all alright. He also keeps a keen eye out for property damage in order the alert the owners immediately.

Groundskeeper role

Once he has done his morning inspection, he may start his daily routine. He is responsible for the general maintenance of the property and the general management of the landscaping services. This could look something like this: Check all sprinklers to ensure they are working properly, then using a tractor or a hand lawn mower, cut the lawns. Then using a an edger, he would neaten up the lawn to have a perfectly cut finish. Then with a leaf blower he might blow all the remaining cut grass off of any payment or sometimes the leaf blower would in fact have a collection bag so he would have to go and empty that.

Next he might go work in the garden which in itself could take all day. Using hand rakes, trowels or any number of garden tools, he has to replace, nourish, weed and cultivate the garden into not only growing well but looking the very best it can. Sometimes he may have to remove all the flowers in the garden and replant new ones due to disease or other malformation issue. He doesn't mind though as this is an art form to him. The true groundskeeper sees his work as innovative, calming and an art form few can achieve. Although he will also see his work as a challenge, he will rarely get discouraged finding great satisfaction from his work.

Groundskeeper in the UK

If it is cold and rainy outside, his role changes a bit. He needs to patrol more and he might wrap sensitive flowers, bushes and trees in burlap to keep them warm and protected against the rain.

If it is snowing outside or has snowed, he will break out the snowblower or snow plows. He will need to do several things. All sidewalks and access ways will need to be cleared of all the snow and salted to ensure there is no ice left for anyone to fall on. The driveways and delivery routes will also have to be cleared of all snow and ice to prevent any accidents. Often if it is the middle of winter, this will be an all day job depending on the size of the property.

If all goes well, no one will even notice the groundskeeper hard at work. No one will notice his hard work. The groundskeeper will get very little thanks from those whom he works for, however, he will take great pride in his work. However, if he were to fail in any portion of his job, everyone would know right away.
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