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Roofing maintenance

Business owners and residential owners soon learn how expensive it can be to repair or replace a roof. However, if you spend a few minutes every six months (every spring and fall), examining your roof, you can identify roof maintenance possibilities that will help prevent future costly repairs.

Roof upgrades

Let our roofing maintenance service take care of your roofing needs. What we look for when inspecting your roof:

► Seal cracked mortar or caulking around chimneys and joints
► Look for damaged shingles, curled shingles, wear and tear
► Check for algae and fungus growth
► Examine the flashing to ensure its solid state
► Look for signs of leaking in the form of dark spots on the ceiling or walls, plus dampness in the ceiling.

Additional home and facility management services that we provide, includes removing all debris from the roof that could damage rooftops or clog the gutters. In the winter months, we will remove heavy layers of snow that could cause a roof to collapse. Our knowledgeable roofers are bonded, insured, and certified in re-roofing and all types of residential and commercial roof repairs.

We are specialists in the roofing industry and are highly experienced in various pitched roofs, low slope roofs, flat roofs, and steep roofs.

Solar panel cleaning

A roof is one of the major components of any structure. If there is damage to its integrity, it will seriously compromise everyone within its structure. If a roof looses its durability, beauty, and strength, then it will wear out quickly and develop leaking problems that will turn into an expensive repair. A roof of any structure is an everyday front line of defense from natural weather conditions.

But, it is also one of the most vulnerable part of your building. Your roof is exposed to weather and other elements that may contribute to decay and deterioration, everyday, thus increasing the risk of damage to the roof itself and the individuals inside and your property. Schedule an inspection with our service today because proper roofing maintenance will protect your home and your facility's roof, plus it keeps your property looking great.
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