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Sports, Leisure, Hospitality and Grounds Maintenance

Hospitality centers that offer a form of sports leisure are a joy to attend. After all, the purpose is to relax and have fun while also getting some exercise. But what is going on behind the scenes of such centers? There is a great deal of work being done, and maintenance to attend to. Here, a few leisure centers will be discussed and what type of work is done involving Grounds Maintenance.

Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Aside from the focus of the leisure center and hospitality of the property, The greens on a golf course must be immaculate. Types of grass are considered based on climate. In cooler places, cool season grass is opted for whereas other areas may use different types of bluegrass. Golf is a sport that needs a smooth area of grass to be efficient, therefore the grass itself should be thick but durable and cut often. This Grounds Maintenance would require a seasoned landscaper who would be very familiar with the turf.

Rugby Pitches

This is another very large area of grass to not only be maintained well for the sport, but also accurate in the lines that are painted for the field. Rugby players use these lines as a guide for the sport, so no room for error can be made. Additionally, the grass should not be too hard because it could be rough on the players themselves; but it still has to be durable enough to sustain the roughness of the game.

Rubgy Pitch

Football Pitches

Grounds Maintenance in these fields are similar to that of rugby, lines measuring the game limits should be accurate, and grass should be similar in texture for the players who use the field Not too hard, but still able to sustain. The grass should be considered carefully.

Athletic Tracks

These sports tracks are combined with ground and turf. The actual area where the runner is racing is the ground itself, and the lines for such tracks must have zero errors. The turf in the center must not be ignored either. Large crowds of people are watching; also there might be other events taking place specified for that turf.

Athletics Tracks

These are just a few examples of what would be required of different leisure sports centers. Hospitality aside, the Grounds Maintenance would be of utmost importance. Each have their own requirements and specifications; but they are all similar in that as much care and preciseness should take place in its own unique way for each.
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