The Importance of Commercial Maintenance
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The Importance of Commercial Maintenance

For any business, taking precious time to fix and upkeep you premises is often a hassle and gets put to the back of the list of priority jobs. This shows the importance of having a professional commercial maintenance company on board to handle all repairs and compliant service lines when it comes to your property and place of business.

What is commercial maintenance

Whether it be a broken fire alarm or carpet cleaning or fixing that light bulb, it all comes under commercial maintenance. A dedicated service which provides regular checkups and fixes of the signed services at your business premises. Commercial maintenance covers a whole lot of services which may include:

Commercial Maintenance

. Exterior and Interior Maintenance

. Paint jobs

. Electrical Services

. Plumbing services

. Carpet cleaning

. Masonry Work

. Drain & Toilet clearing

. General Maintenance

How is Commercial Maintenance different from Facilities Management

Facility Management, on the other hand, is rather a form of asset management where in it integrates multiple disciplines facilitating people, places, technology and the process. Facility Management provides the necessary infrastructure, workforce, workplace and the technology for the entire project to operate as a whole entity.

Type of Commercial Maintenance

Maintenance of your business place may involve one or many of the services listed above. If you are residing at a business center, chances are, much of the services would be covered by the property owner. Circumstances are that you may need a combo of maintenance services for a splendid work environment. Commercial Maintenance may broadly fall under these categories.

. General Maintenance

. HVAC Services

. Electrical

. Interior & Exterior

If your business demands compliance, then you may opt for HVAC and Electrical services which cover regular checkup on your electrical and Air-conditioning systems.

Commercial Maintenance Software

General Maintenance

Most of the common services such as floor cleaning, Windows and Awnings, Upholstery and laundry, Plumbing, Carpentry are all covered under the General Maintenance. The most opted program is the general maintenance as it pretty much covers everything a business environment needs.

Emergency Services

A live wire or a clogged closet is an emergency and requires immediate attention. Considering the extremity of the issue, commercial maintenance companies offer emergency services through which immediate solutions are implemented to prevent further disruption to the businesses. A few other companies extend their limit covering Locks and Security, Pipe Jetting and other handyman utility services.

Compliance Maintenance

Businesses need to make sure they fall into current compliance regulations at all times. Conducting series of testing enables to evaluate the condition and recommendations are provided if found to be non-compliant.

Typical compliance tests may include:

. Fire Risk Assessments

. Fire Extinguishers Equipment Check

. Electrical Wiring and Compliance testing

. Emergency Lighting testing

Choosing a Commercial Maintenance company

Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right commercial maintenance company.

Do they have Insurance

Make sure they have the right insurance to cover the damage during service.

Do they have a good reputation

Online reviews may help to certain extent. Find out if the company is willing to provide references. A long standing relationship with their clientele is a good sign to look for.

What services are offered and are they available 24/7

Some companies offer services as a package and some may charge you extra for certain fixes. Inquire about the services offered and the availability.

Maintaining Commercial Property

How experienced are their technicians

An experienced hand may offer cost effective and efficient solutions to your emergency needs. Find out if the company provides certified and skilled technicians to back you up.

Can the company offer services at off-peak hours

You do not want to clean up your office floor during peak time. Most of the housekeeping services happen during off-peak hours and make sure the company has the flexibility to adapt to your working hours.

What does it cost

Costing is crucial and you do not want to end up with hefty bills at the end of the month. Compare similar services providers and strike a deal for the best offer. Include only the services required rather than a widespread package.

Commercial Maintenance is nothing new and almost all corporate and mid-sized businesses outsource their maintenance work to specialised service providers. In order to run a successful business a clean and uninterrupted business environment is vital. Using a commercial maintenance service provider is a smart way to operate a business.
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