The Importance of Fabric Maintenance
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The Importance of Fabric Maintenance

The useful life of a building is determined by many factors but maintenance of the fabric is necessary to prolonging the life of valuable assets. It ensures that a work force environment is a safe aesthetically pleasing environment. Building fabric maintenance used to be treated as a responsive task which led to deterioration of the fabric.

With this deterioration would cause a reduction in asset value, as well as affecting the quality of the staff and customer experience. To replace fabric assets is expensive and causes owners to move away from this type of maintenance model to a more structured model; one that maintains and protects their assets.

Building deterioration

Maintaining a building is not an easy task. Issues can distract from core business operations. A full range of services can take care of everything, so that companies have a full range of support. Most outsourced companies have satellite tracking technology on their maintenance vehicles as gives clients an accurate time of arrival and notifies them of any delays which helps to minimize disruption. Clients value fabric maintenance as part of an integrated approach.

For external assets, maintenance requirements are usually based on the construction and location of the building. For internal assets, planned maintenance varies depending on the type of building, usage, and budget constraints. The management of facilities maintenance can be time consuming. So outsourcing day to day fabric maintenance helps to save time and provide an efficient cost system. Cost control is a key factor for management making the decision to outsource.

Some fabric maintenance services include:

- Removal of old materials
- Surface preparation and cleaning
- Removal and new installation of old insulation materials
- Improvement or enhancement solutions
- Work repairs
- Decoration
- Plumbing and drainage

Fabric assets

A regimen can include a weekly or monthly assessment, producing a planned service outcome. Properties do get damaged and repairs need to be made promptly. A proactive approach focuses on fast response and visibly pleasing results. Fabric maintenance can also include carpentry, painting, and general building repairs. Together with internal facilities management, a schedule can be made weekly or monthly for regular preventive maintenance. This helps to maintain a consistent, clean appearance. A streamlined process can be achieved with ease.

From regular building maintenance, external decoration, and flooring to plumbing, drainage, and resurfacing, outsourcing fabric maintenance can meet requirements of any type and size. In addition, hiring costs can be absorbed by the contractor; they assume any burden associated with their workers. Another advantage to outsourcing fabric maintenance is that a contractor can provide flexibility and deliver the proper level of skills set and expertise to complete jobs in an efficient manner. In addition, personnel grievances and other disciplinary actions are the contractor's responsibility. Outsourcing allows management to concentrate on their business objectives.
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