Wastewater sewage treatment
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Wastewater sewage treatment

The process of sewage treatment involves taking the wastewater, water that sewage creates, and putting such water through a process to remove the bio-hazards in this water. The water is then treated until it is environmentally safe for recycling. This task happens in a sewage treatment facility.

The specific process to make the water safe again involves three main steps which are known as primary, secondary, and tertiary. In the primary step, the solid wastewater is placed into a bin where all the base solids sit to settle to the bottom of this bin. Any waste floating at the top is physically removed. The water at the top is placed for secondary treatment. At secondary, the water is treated in a molecular way, where the liquid contaminants are separated from the water itself. In tertiary treatment, the water is subject to chemical treatment and filtering. The remaining waste separated from the water, is treated also before it is then disposed of, or placed back into the land.

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Everyone benefits from having an effective sewage treatment facility. It is a requirement that everyone in any population needs because it manages waste in a manner that it removes bio-hazards and contaminants from the general population. Many large cities or even rural areas will have regulations and expectations to handle sewage properly.

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However, the developing world is still facing many challenges in regards to sewage treatment. There is an estimation that 90 percent of the worlds sewage is not being treated effectively. So globally speaking, the world has a long way to go before sewage treatment can be considered as being addressed properly. Governments all over the globe must consider these challenges and work together to find solutions. For the good of global population as a whole, as well as keeping the planet safe and environmentally sound.
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