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Water System Log Books

It is critical for business owners and property management companies in the UK by law to hire Facilities Management Companies to ensure that their Water Systems Log Book is maintained and audited for their safety and betterment. Carrying out legionella risk assessment is a requirement in any work place that is business related or anything similar to this.

Water Log Book

Building managers are provided with a water system log book which can either be in the form or a book or can be an electronic version. It is given to them so they can record Legionella control monitoring tasks being carried out. In Legionella Risk Assessment, research is carried out for the identification of level of risk within a property. After the identification, they may also suggest a water system cleaning. They will also suggest continuing further monitoring for future purposes.

The tasks carried out in Legionella control monitoring include flushing of little used outlets weekly, monthly temperature tests, annual inspection of clarifiers, legionella risk assessment reviews along with a planned visited by a Water Hygiene Surveyor that will make sure that all the risks and problems are under control.

Log Book Audit

Temperature tests are carried out to compare with the detailed parameters. This will help identify if everything is under control or it may lead to the growth of Legionella bacteria. In addition to this, recommendations are made so the risks are minimised.

Another Key importance of Water Systems log Books, and there proper maintenance is in the unfortunate time that I tenant or customer may cause health issued they believe has come from consuming the water provided in your building. A well maintained Water Log Book gives security and peace of mind to bother tenants / customers as well as the building landlord and owner.

As well as it being compliant, it is also good practice to ensure that regular Water Log Book Audits are taken place, to also ensure that selected service partners are doing all that is required of them.
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