What is a Vacant Unit Audit Inspection?
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What is a Vacant Unit Audit Inspection?

A vacant unit audit inspection sounds like a cold term, but actually quite common in the facility management industry. It is the process of which after a unit, for example a vacant apartment is inspected to check and see if the maintenance inside that needed to be done was done correctly and efficiently.

If there are any errors a call to the individuals who were initially doing work within the unit, such as a painter or a cleaner to touch up any work that may have been missed.

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There may also be checklists for a facility manager to graze and see if the work was actually completed, Normally, a superintendent fills out this information to keep things up to date. Of course there are options where allot this can be done electronically, lowing the need to have a physical piece of paper within the vacant unit.

Sample of checks

1: Property clear of all combustible materials
2: Fire alarm and security systems maintained
3: Water systems drained down and electrical services isolated.
4: Letter box secured.
5: Property secure and identify any damage or safety risks.
6: Aligns to insurance company requirements.
7: Conformation property suitable for future tenant viewing

Anyone who does any maintenance within a vacant unit is aware they are being audited of their work. It is common knowledge within the industry.

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Vacant unit audit inspections are helpful as it allows for a person in facility management to see first hand that how they money is being spent and how effectively. If the worker is not doing the work effectively, the manager will be aware of it and be able to correct the situation. In addition, with today's technology, it is so much easier not only for the manager to ensure the work is done properly, but the contractor or worker can document anything that goes on as they work as well that may have hindered or helped the process. By doing these things both management and maintenance can be confident in any vacant unit audit inspection.
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