What is Building Maintenance?
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What is Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance is responsible for a property's upkeep, including structural, electrical, and plumbing systems. The main goal is to manage a building and its grounds, as well as customize needs for the facility. Responsibilities can vary from building to building. It can include everything from leaky faucets to major repairs.

This may include obtaining outside contractors to resolve major issues. Around the building, responsibilities can include lawn maintenance and sprinkler repair, electrical problems, and trash disposal. Because building maintenance encompasses so many things, companies choose to outsource to building maintenance companies.

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Plumbing is a major area of responsibility which includes kitchen and bathroom plumbing, pools, and sprinkler systems - water and fire. Electrical systems entails more than changing light bulbs. These systems need to be in good condition inside and outside. It can also entail power distribution, heating and cooling, and generators for emergency situations.

In addition to routine janitorial cleaning, other cleaning such as washing driveways, walls, and sidewalks. This is a major part of building maintenance. Signs must be clean and visible to customers.

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These are generally cleaned by hand, so that the signs are not damaged. Surfaces like steel, aluminum, copper, and brass have to be cleaned and polished regularly. At times, they may need to be restored. Wooden structures also have to be cleaned and properly conditioned. Surface restoration returns a particular surface back to its original state. This can be a less costly option than replacing damaged surfaces.

Externally, maintenance also takes place. The roof needs to be inspected periodically and repaired if needed. Also, gutters and windows should be cleaned on a routine basis. External maintenance can also include water-proofing building or re-caulking windows. Special jobs can include shampooing carpets, pest control, and refinishing tile and hardwood floors. These special jobs are usually handled through outsourcing.

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Building maintenance covers a variety of tasks that can vary. Regardless, there are basic duties in common with every building: electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, and roofing. Building maintenance workers have to be aware of the level of expertise and hire professionals when needed. Buildings have to abide by local and state ordinances. So, it's important that these tasks be done correctly.

Some businesses will have daily needs but also have periodic maintenance needs. Small property solutions are good for leased situations. Outsourcing building maintenance tasks is very common. Building maintenance companies seek to develop long term relationships with clients, as well as an environment that is clean, safe, and an enhancement to employees' work day. One of the greatest challenges is attracting new clients and retain them. That is where superior customer service comes into play. A good building maintenance company will focus on creating trust, as well as showing integrity and high performance.
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