What Is Thermal Imagery?
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What Is Thermal Imagery?

What is thermal imagery? Thermal imagery is a special type of photography that has many valid uses in connection with it. What are these valid uses? These valid uses are to capture thermal photography. Because, it is through thermal photography alone, that heat signatures can be photographed or videos made.

Thermal imagery is able to see things that are invisible and hidden from view. The things that are hidden from view don't involve light at all. They are no other than the infrared radiation that is given off by all objects.

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Thermal imagery has the amazing ability to detect radiation in the long infrared range that does belong to the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermo graphic cameras not only do detect this radiation, but they also, do produce images of this radiation that are called thermo grams. Infrared radiation is something that is emitted by all things.

This includes all objects that have a temperature of above absolute zero. This information is according to the black body radiation law.

Thermal imagery is the perfect form of energy management. This is because, not only is it new and different, but it can also do things that traditional types of energy management can't do. One of the ways that thermal imagery services can help compliment energy management programs is very clear.

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Energy Savings Incentives

Identify air leakage from the fabric of your building such as roof, walls, windows and doors. Your energy investment to produce heated or cooled air can escape and cold air can enter you?re your building. Thermal imaging will provide visibility of the areas that are responsible for your energy losses.

Prioritizing Energy Savings by best value for your investment

Thermal imaging identifies the areas of your building leaking energy, due to inadequate insulation. This clear visibility allows you to prioritise repairs by resolving areas that are causing the largest energy loss creating natural energy savings.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

With a thermal imaging assists with maintaining the reliability of your electrical and mechanical systems by identifying the variance in temperatures that reflect possible problems prior to failure.

Identifying and fixing a poor electrical connection or mechanical failure before a component fails can save operational downtime and asset life associated with manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, fires and total failures.

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Thermal imagery is able to see things with its infrared probing eye to determine just how energy is being consumed on a regular basis. It compliments energy management programs in that, it has their back, and is the strong visual aspect of the energy management team. Thermal imagery services can produce not only visual input, but also give off accessible data, which can highlight all of the ways in which energy is being burned and document why it is being burned specifically.

It is more than just a means to attain an end, which is effective energy management, because it is a fully visual imaging science that can visibly illuminate a business environment in every way.
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