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Who Needs Ground Maintenance Services

Ground maintenance workers maintain the grounds of homes, businesses, park, and more. They ensure that the landscape grounds are attractive, trimmed, and are healthy. Most of the work is done outdoors in all types of weather and it is physically challenging with bending, lifting, kneeling, and shoveling.

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Grounds maintenance are employed by both private and commercial clients. Some of the work involved in ground maintenance, includes the following:

- Mow lawns
- Trim and edge around walks, flower beds, and walls
- Landscape by planting flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes, also trim shrubs and pull weeds
- Apply pesticides when needed
- Apply fertilizer, snow clearance
- Perform a variety of routine maintenance
- Sweep walkway of debris
- Cut down tree limbs that are posing a danger.
- Perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures
- Install lawn furniture
- Rake, mulch, and prune the grounds as needed
- Install rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture.
- Water plants and grass as needed and apply fertilizer.

Ground maintenance workers with many different types of tools and equipment, including innovative technology like computerized maintenance software systems. These business user software systems are designed to help managers and business grounds workers to schedule, plan, manage, and track all types of maintenance activities. Downloadable apps for maintenance teams are available in tablets and smartphones, which ground maintenance workers carry.

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The type of landscape that ground maintenance workers are employed in and some of their duties, includes:

- Improve the safety and water drainage by removing dangerous infield/outfield lips
- Performs infield clay renovation; Installing new infield mix;
- Install new mounds of clay and clay bricks;
- Irrigation Installation; and Regrading to prevent puddles and retain slope drainage.

Grounds keeping workers for athletic fields also keeps natural and artificial turf in top condition, mark out boundaries, and paint turf with team logos and names before events. After sports venues, they vacuum and disinfect synthetic turf and they remove the turf and replace the cushioning pad periodically.

Golf courses

Cut grass on tee boxes, fairways, roughs, fringes, and greens; irrigate the course; sodding; trimming; fertilizing; using pesticides. Golf course groundskeepers should be able to correctly identify and repair any area that could present a safety or health hazard to course users, as a daily activity. Grounds maintenance keepers must be knowledgeable about growing different types of grasses and decorative landscaping.

Educational campuses

cutting grass, trimming and pruning trees and shrubs, spraying for disease and insect control, and applying fertilizer. Workers assists with landscaping; performs minor grounds repairs; keeps the campuses clean of trash; and depending on the season ? rake leaves and remove snow and ice.

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Ground maintenance workers for parks are semi-skilled or skilled employees whose work involves landscaping, designing, and caring for business grounds within a city landscape and wooded park areas. Workers must keep trees, flowers, and plants free from disease and insect control. They must construct irrigation systems, understand soil preparation, sodding, and seeding. Set-up for special events; keep picnic pavilions safe and clean; keep park restrooms clean; and performs safety inspections of equipment and facilities when necessary.

Memorial grounds

keep gardens and grounds beautiful; dig graves; assist at funerals as required, such as in the closing up process; help ensure the maintenance of orderly conduct by visitors; ground maintenance, such as planting, pruning, weeding, trimming, litter pick ups; clearing the graves from leaves, snow, etc.; comply with health and safety work place rules and legislation; and be an ambassador for the cemetery.
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