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Working with Business Parks

A business park, otherwise known as an office park refers to an area of land comprised of so many buildings with multiple offices. They are most of the time located at regions close to main roads or motor ways. This is a common feature in suburban locations; one of the reasons is because they have a cheap development as a result of lower costs of land and lower costs of building, especially wider.

A business park is a type of commercial space and can be categorized around a particular type of office. For instance, a park consisting of a number of lab testing facilities, doctor's offices and dental offices is categorized as a medical office/business park. This helps in making it convenient for someone who is visiting an office to be able to access related services.

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Any company in need of offices can either lease space or purchase buildings, usually as tenant they will have an rent inclusive arrangement with their ground care arrangements; however, this depends on how the park is set up. These parks usually have associations and the associations usually charge fees annually, and this is to cover ongoing security, landscaping and maintenance costs.

Some Business Park Requirements

Grading and Clearing: flat and level sites are usually the norm but you have to find out what works for your locality. Obviously, things such as gravel heaps, sand, bunkers, knolls or excavations are impediments and must be done away with and eliminated.

Site plan: Before any commencement of putting up a business park, there must be an approval from your local governing unit as regards the site plan. This usually includes the size and location of road installations and utilities, acreage of each lot, lot lines and right-of-way. Without all of these, there will be no certification.

In managing a business park, a property management software solution is a necessity. This goes a long in facilitating your business operation. With the numerous types of management software available, the question now becomes who you choose? Below are a few considerations to make.

Vendor: Does the vendor posses the stability and vision (which has to be long-term) to improve and support the solution and how much years will that be.

Technology: How efficient is the technology on which the solution is based upon. Is it moving forward or not? And how much support does it have behind it?

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Flexibility: How flexible is the software? Is it enough to allow for specific business practices and automate rote task.

Integration: How well integrated is this solution? Does it possess the ability to handle other lines of business asides property management?

Looking at the above considerations, one estate management software that will be effective is the deployment of an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) with this system specifically designed for such solutions - solving specific business challenges.

For any real estate organization to be successful, there has to be provision of accurate information; as this in turn provides deep visibility into future performance, as well as enhance on an on-going basis, the decision making process.

In the process of planning for business parks, due diligence should be made. Adequate consultations should be made with professionals in such areas. You can also get to interview friends to get ideas on how your business can meet the deficiencies of others. Bottom line is that you should ensure that your design of a park is cutting edge in every way.
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